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[Virgin Mobile/Sprint] [Recovery][VM]CWM Touch for the LG Optimus F3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gherkaul, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    CWM Touch Recovery for Virgin Mobile LG Optimus F3 (LS-720). The recovery should work with all firmware versions (ymmv). I tried to make this newbie friendly for those who are not tech savvy but if you do have any questions I will try to answer them. Everything works that needs to and it has been tested extensively with no problems. But I still have to tell you…

    I will NOT be held responsible for anything unfortunate that happens to your device! You take responsibility for your own actions. Use at your own RISK!!!


    1. Go to the Playstore and download Flashify.

    2. Download the recovery image below to your device or copy from your PC.

    3. Open Flashify on your device and tap ‘Recovery image’.

    4. Tap “Choose a file” and browse to where you copied the image to your sdcard.

    5. Select the recovery image (cwmt- and flash.

    6. You’re all done.

    [How to Enter Recovery]

    Power On: Hold the volume rocker in the down position and power button when you turn on the phone. Hold both until you see the prompt to release them.

    Reboot: If from a reboot then using the same key combo as above (vol. down & pwr), you need to start holding just before the LG logo appears. Hold both until you see the prompt to release them.

    #-It takes a few seconds for recovery to load so be patient.


    NEVER use any type of [Reboot Recovery] option as this will factory reset the phone.
    ONLY use key combo to enter recovery or you will have to restore a backup. If this happens you must cycle through reboot one time and then back into recovery before restoring a backup.

    [Download Link] _______________________________________

    CWM Touch Recovery

    * This download may not be redistributed, rehosted, repackaged or added to a Rom.

    Thanks to:
    bkttk2 - Tester
    jairFactor - Tester
    androidninja - Tester

    Special Thanks to:
    bkttk2 – for all the extra help
    Blondgod – for bring Bump to my attention.

    My hope is this recovery helps to make your rooted LG-F3 experience more enjoyable. It’s always nice to have peace of mind when you’re trying out new stuff on your device.

    If you like my work…please click the "Like" button!

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    Last edited: Nov 25, 2014

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  2. xclusive36

    xclusive36 Android Expert

    Would you mind if I include this in my rom?

    By include, I mean directions, not include the recovery inside the Rom.

    Great work btw
    gherkaul likes this.
  3. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sure, go for it.
  4. xclusive36

    xclusive36 Android Expert

    Works great. I added a link to this thread
    gherkaul likes this.
  5. ravollmer

    ravollmer Well-Known Member

    Works good! Thank you
    gherkaul likes this.
  6. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Android Enthusiast

    Works for me! :)

    My F3 is running robaho's mod of the V6 update. Would this CWMT work on the regular V6 update?
    jrc5150 and gherkaul like this.
  7. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast

    Yes. I am currently using the recovery on the stock (rooted) v6. Gherkhauls recovery should work on both V5 and V6. At least it worked with the testing I did. :)
    gherkaul and daffyducknj like this.
  8. xclusive36

    xclusive36 Android Expert

    Now that we have a CWM that works with V6. We should see some Roms for it instead of Roms for V5. I'm working on a stock v6 rom now to get us started. :)
    bkttk2, gherkaul and ravollmer like this.
  9. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  10. Madshady

    Madshady Newbie

    If the F3 gets updated to 4.4 this summer. I wounder if it will be v7. lol
    ravollmer likes this.
  11. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I hope not. I don't want to go through this again.:( They probable will though. The really bad new would be if LG locks us out of the aboot image as well as the bootloader and they can if they chose to.
  12. Madshady

    Madshady Newbie

    If they do lock out the aboot and bootloader. Would that effect being able to root the phone? I really don't understand how to do roms and stuff like that.

    All my knowledge is working on desktop / laptops as long it deals with windows. lol

    Plus the good old Commodore 64.
  13. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm right there with you. I've just been doing a lot of research on this stuff while working on the recovery. To answer your question, No. Rooting is just getting r/w permissions to be able to make changes to files like the aboot, boot or recovery images. We will have to find a why to root again if and when we get KK.
  14. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast

    The Commodore 64. Now those were the days. Super processor, tv for a monitor, cassette tape backups. Cutting edge at its finest.
    mjhealy1978 likes this.
  15. Madshady

    Madshady Newbie

    Ours took 5 1/4 floppy disks.

    Sometimes I want to walk in a store. Then ask the sales person if they sell 5 1/4 floppys. Just so I can troll them a little. lmao
  16. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Stop ...your starting to make me feel old!
  17. bkttk2

    bkttk2 Android Enthusiast

    I got a 5 1/4 also after my tape drive died. That was my expensive upgrade for the year.
  18. totalrecarl

    totalrecarl Well-Known Member

  19. OlyDroid

    OlyDroid Newbie

    What comands do you use to flash the aboot?
  20. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    There is no need to flash the aboot manually. The installers flash both the aboot and the recovery. :)
    umrav sinh likes this.
  21. OlyDroid

    OlyDroid Newbie

    I got it working. I thought the op was saying hold volume up+down AND the power button which took me to factory reset screen. That's why I thought it didn't flash all the way. I was thinking flashing aboot was like manually flashing an hboot to a s-on HTC. This is probably the easiest recovery install ever. Thanks again!
    gherkaul likes this.
  22. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sorry about the confusion. I'm glad to hear you got it working.:D
  23. dangtungduy

    dangtungduy Newbie

    Great work in my P659 t-mobile
  24. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wait...so you're saying it works on your t-mobile f3?
    dangtungduy likes this.
  25. dangtungduy

    dangtungduy Newbie

    It unlock bootloader???
    gherkaul likes this.

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