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[Virgin Mobile/Sprint] [Rom][Stock]VM Pre-Rooted Stock Rom 4.1.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by loonycgb2, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey :)

    I got tired of having to reinstall by the lg flash tool due to mess ups so i created a fully rooted stock rom which can also be used to (sorta) to create a cyanogenmod rom soon (hopefully).

    Whats changed:

    • Removed Bloat Apps
    • Added 3g & speed mods
    • Fully rooted & busybox
    • Kernel Installed is loki'd

    • Working on reboot without factory reset when going to recovery without hardware buttons
    Please do not use an app to load recovery! With this rom 2nd init is not needed anymore to go back from a problem.


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  2. acrufox

    acrufox Lurker

    Read about various MSL issues on here, does one have to worry about it using this ROM, does it remain intact?
  3. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    MSL & imei are at the highest system level being in the bootloader.

    This is a simple user end rom which only affects certain partitions.

    The lg flash tool can access the entire system so with a bad bin flash you can corrupt your msl and imei.

    So NO neither this rom or others can affect your msl.
  4. rcfcu2000

    rcfcu2000 Lurker


    I am glad to see the first F3 rom, keep the good work.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Same here. I'm glad that the developmental flood gates have opened. Can't wait to see what follows.
  6. acrufox

    acrufox Lurker

    Running it now, works great. Actually have enough space on the phone itself to run all my navigation and apps I use all the time. Thanks!

    Now if only I could figure out why two of my apps won't install back with titanium backup. Progress just sits there at 0% if I try to reinstall either one.
  7. syrkles

    syrkles Member

    can u explain to me the exact way to get into recovery from this rom
  8. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is just the normal stock rom so to access recovery you have to power the phone off completely then press and hold power + vol dwn till the screen shows entering recovery.
  9. syrkles

    syrkles Member

    So i have to manually install cwm recovery
  10. syrkles

    syrkles Member

    I figured everything out thnxs rom is running great
  11. beazpickle

    beazpickle Newbie

    Is anybody working on a kernel with overclocking?
  12. syrkles

    syrkles Member

    One thing i noticed is wifi always turns off when screen is off is there a way to prevent this??
  13. redheadturkey

    redheadturkey Newbie

    Had to dirty flash the rom to keep from having to reactivate. Is there any other way to keep from having that happen?
  14. ZipLipZ

    ZipLipZ Member

    This is awesome. Thanks a bunch!
  15. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    Check for the advanced WiFi option, 'keep wifi on during sleep'.
  16. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am currently trying to find time to do so, but at the moment my main concern is removing those annoying factory reset issues and possibly unlocking the bootloader via kernel..

    Also the issue of having to always reactivate, the reason is its programmed in the code to activate on first boot since this firmware is used between 3 carriers.

    Best way to fix this is to flash it and activate fully then create a nandroid backup which will actually work since the kernel is loki'd.

    Removing the auto activate will make it difficult for new users.
  17. redheadturkey

    redheadturkey Newbie

    Also figured out if you update your profile and prl on first boot you get your data back.
  18. diesal91

    diesal91 Newbie

    This rom saved my a## i rooted my phone yesterday and did a nandroid backup through cwm ended up with a md5 mismatch error so ty there but i was wondering what happened with the neat little ram cleaning widget that came stock
  19. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I removed lots of uneeded apps. If people need the full stock rom + apps i can upload it.
  20. diesal91

    diesal91 Newbie

    Ty but i was just kinda looking for that widget i can find out where it came from in my spare time also i was kind of wondering where it came from also is this rom deodexed just to make sure
  21. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Android Expert

    The stock Rom is odex. You can find out by using a root permissions file browser to go through the system/App category and see that everything has another file with the same name but odex extension.
  22. OneAppleBoy

    OneAppleBoy Newbie

    This is great!
  23. kdude63

    kdude63 Member

    I installed this, but my phone isn't rooted anymore. I tried rooting it again with motochopper but no dice.

    Okay, so apparently it's rooted... but superuser seems to be absolutely useless and BusyBox doesn't seem to be installed.

    I get this whenever I try to run a BusyBox command from shell. (like clear or grep)
    Code (Text):
    1. /system/xbin/clear: line 1: /cygdrive/c/system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory
  24. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I had rooted the rom cyanogenmod style so i could use it as a base rom.

    Busybox is in the bin folder and is symlinked to xbin.

    Also i had used a supersu su file which is why superuser is useless (my fault for rushing and not looking).

    Just remove superuser and install supersu or update the su file.

    I will fix and reupload the rom when i have time.
    calitrippin likes this.
  25. OneAppleBoy

    OneAppleBoy Newbie

    I'm having an issue with connecting the phone to my computer after using this. It works in charge mode, and i can take pictures off of the internal storage in Camera connection mode, but Media sync isn't working anymore. The computer won't recognize it anymore when it's in media sync mode. I have the drivers installed, but still no potato.

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