Root [Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Tethering dilemma

Edit: I am dearly sorry. I had looked a while ago when I first started experiencing it, only to look now and its a major issue already being discussed. I'd take this thread down now, but cannot find a delete button. Can a mod do it or can someone tell me where it is? I am still looking... :(

Okay, I understand there is already a tether thread, but I have a different tether issue which I believe deserves its own thread. If I missed something in another thread (I did look BTW) let me know.

Well, a while back I had tethering working perfectly on my F3 with jTether and WiFi Tether. But then I had some boot issues with it and sent it back to LG. They fixed it and returned it to me. Now with the returned model, I have somehow gained access to the tethering settings (under More). I was excited at first, but soon realized that I get an error not only when I use that new option, but with my old tether method as well.

"Unable to connect to data network. You may not be subscribed to the data plan for Hotspot and USB tether service. Please contact your phone company."

Is there a fix? Are others seeing this? It seems silly to flash the stock ROM just for this, but is that what I must do? I am rooted by the way, if that helps. Running ZV7.


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there are 2 fixes, one is the robahos f3 tethering app, and the other is the native stock hotspot mod, if you do the native mod you can tether without an app by using the stock hotspot n it works rather well