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[Virgin Mobile/Sprint] Tethering VM LG Optimus F3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fortunate_sun01, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. fortunate_sun01

    Thread Starter

    I seem to be having a problem tethering my LG Optimus F3...I've rooted and installed WiFi Tether v. 3.3 beta. When tethering starts, I receive the message "Tethering started with errors." On checking the log, it fails to set ad-hoc mode, essid, and channel. How do I correct this? :thinking:

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  2. calitrippin

    calitrippin Well-Known Member

    I only ever got it to work using "jtether" and "wireless tether" together, but you can't change the name of the network or set any type of security on it
  3. fortunate_sun01

    Thread Starter

    I tried using WiFi Tether and JTether together, and when I tried to connect, it requested a password that I hadn't set.
  4. beaviskob1

    beaviskob1 Member

    Same here with the latest WiFi tether. I never got any combination to work on my virgin f3. This is the main thin I don't like about the f3.
  5. calitrippin

    calitrippin Well-Known Member

    it works for me but you have to click "jtenther" then use "wifi tether" to turn on tethering, you have to run both apps in sequence for it to work
  6. adam97202

    adam97202 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't get "jTether" (JB WiFi Tether) to work at all; I got a generic system error message saying "Unfortunately, jTether has stopped" whenever I tried to launch it.

    However, I WAS able to get tethering working using a different route:

    1) Instead of jTether, install "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" from the Play Store (link). When you run it the first time, it brings up the Android tethering settings, which Optimus F3 users don't normally have access to. After the first time, it simply toggles tethering on or off; you can't get back to the config screen unless you clear this app's data.

    2) Install the "Wireless Tether for Root Users" APK from code.google.com (link). For me, v2.0.7 works but the v3 beta doesn't. Run it after you have tethering turned on by the first app.

    Obviously, root is required, for both steps.

    NOTE: Every time I start up tethering in the "Wireless Tether" app, it says "Tethering started with errors!", and the "Show log" command fails, but tethering DOES work nonetheless. I think the errors are coming up because it wants to set the name of the hotspot and other details, but those have already been handled by Step #1. (The HTML-based log file does exist, at /data/data/android.tether/var/tether.log, but the "show" function in the app doesn't know where to look for it!)
  7. pistol_

    pistol_ Lurker

    I installed Treve-mod 3.3 and had the same issues. I changed the profile to "Samsung Galaxy Nexus(cmda/LTE) that solved my issues.

    I think I will return my F3, IT feels cheap and the treble shake on the speaker phone makes it impossible to hear most calls. I also noticed the Keypad is hard to type with.
    maybe I'll try a ROM first, I have 14 days to return.
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  8. adam97202

    adam97202 Well-Known Member

    Where are you getting the option to change a "profile"?
  9. pistol_

    pistol_ Lurker

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  10. coffeefix

    coffeefix Lurker

    adam97202 your method worked for me. Tried all the others with no success, tried yours after seeing your post. Thanks for posting it.
  11. jamstewonline

    jamstewonline Well-Known Member

    Thanks adam97202 This worked perfectly for me. Your post needs to be pinned so all can find it.
  12. wwtk

    wwtk Lurker

    This worked for me as well.

    Thank you!


    [edit: This solution does work for me, but only for a time, devices that are connected stay connected, but then after a bit no new devices can attached unless the phone is rebooted. Not a huge problem, but still not 100% there.]
  13. sawbones999

    sawbones999 Well-Known Member

    I was able to get tethering working on my wife's VM optimus f3 using the wifi tether app at this link http://db.tt/hDyNBOCb

    And these instructions

    Which I found when looking for instructions on how to get wifi tethering to work on my zte force. Seems to work perfectly for both. The F3 is using the debloated rom from this forum btw. Dunno if it will work with stock rooted.

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  14. chucksaysblah

    chucksaysblah Android Enthusiast

    thanks adam97202 your procedure worked perfectly
  15. manymarius73

    manymarius73 Member

    Thanks, Adam.! Your procedure worked for me without a hitch.
  16. jmaruda

    jmaruda Lurker

    Can someone please tell me when using Adam's method, why I'm only allowed to connect two devices? How do I connect up to 8 devices.
  17. bkdg100

    bkdg100 Newbie

    i cant get adams method to work with metro . any guess what i might be doing wrong ?
  18. cyberfunk

    cyberfunk Newbie

    +1 for adam97202 method successful on LG Optimus F3 Virgin Mobile USA
  19. masterchief3k

    masterchief3k Well-Known Member

    I got it working with just wifi tether for root users. o_O I don't know what you guys are doing wrong. I've also been using LTE uncapped for over 60 GB and counting. It's basically my home internet now.
  20. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    What did you do to get wifi tethering working with just Wifi Tethering from code.google? I've tried most options, it just isn't visible as an AP on the laptop. Are you using the WEP encryption?
  21. masterchief3k

    masterchief3k Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's my problem, you have to manually enter the SSID for some reason, but other than that, it works without a hitch. Have my tablet, two desktops, my main phone, laptop, and dish hopper connected and streaming, downloading, uploading all works normally, except a strict NAT, which is whatever. Doesn't interfere. Voip over gaming works like a charm, and gaming overall is great.

    No encryption, but it does work, I just don't use it since I live in a rural area and i'm not worried about anyone stealing my connection.

    I have 3.3 beta 2 APK. I haven't tried any other versions, but since it worked so well, I bought another F3 and indeed, still no effective throttling on 4G. Hoping this can be my ticket out of satellite internet doom.

    You should have generic ICS/JB (wlan0) selected as device, and I leave MSS and router-fix checked.
  22. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Oh I thought you were using v2.0.7. That clears it up. Thanks.
  23. Murf1

    Murf1 Android Enthusiast

    On the "google" doc link under the "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Free" app, it says to go into Settings > Wireless & networks > Tethering & portable hotspot and Check USB tethering.

    I cannot find these menus and checkbox on my Virgin Mobile Optimus F3 phone. Where is this checkbox located on this phone?

    I've tried adam97202 method and Sawbones999 method, but no luck. I'm using Rooted stock phone, Ver. 5.

    I don't care about having a hot spot. I just want to tether the phone to my Windows 7 desktop. Is there something I need to do in Windows so it will use the USB as a network connection? PC only recognizes it like a USB drive.

  24. sawbones999

    sawbones999 Well-Known Member

    My method stopped working for unknown reasons, so I tried adam97202's method and it worked perfectly for 1 night. The next day it stopped working and no amount of tinkering has been able to make it work since.

    If anyone comes up with another method let us know!

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  25. robaho

    robaho Well-Known Member

    Buy my hotspot widget. It works perfect. You might need to unbrick first if those other apps messed things up....

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