Root [Virgin Mobile] system update on midnight rom


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i currently am on midnight rom, but i got a system update notification. whats happens when i do this?


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is there a certin order i should do this, im new to this, i did stuff with the motorolla triumph and the evo v 4g but they were alot easier


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What about if I am on the stock rom with CWM Recovery and Superuser installed? Will it work with that?

Everything has to be stock, recovery included, for the update to work. Before you go changing just to get the update, read, read, and read some more about Knox and about all your options. Save yourself a headache and stay away from Knox is my advice, but do what you will.


Jdsingles mk5 zip works in cwm...I suggest u use the philz cwm was the only way the superuser flash would work for root.. ( for me at least) theres a link in tHis forum to his xda and follow the directions... everythibg Is comments..they usually answer all these questions....