Virgin mobile UK Hsdpa speeds


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I am using my Desire on Virgin PAYG with the


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I can't comment on virgin - but peak o2 HSDPA I get about 3-3.5 Mbps . So 350kbs is pretty shocking.

I take it you are in a city?


I'm with t mobile and I was getting the same speeds as you
Then I found out that t mobile restrict the data speeds on a 1gb bundle .
So I upgraded to the 3gb bundle and now average between 3 to 5 mg . This is
Deffinatley area specific and won't always get such good speeds . this said I'm on a
contract not pay as you go and not on virgin . but it might be worth looking into virgins
data policies cos they could be holding out on you with your 1 gb bundle . hope
this helps


Virgin use tmobile network so it could be they are throttling the speed . Virgin mobile is the devils child i have learned the hard way .