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[Virgin Mobile] Virgin Mobile completely back to out of the box Stock?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mluna91, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. mluna91

    mluna91 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Guys I am really sorry about this if it is a repost. I'm going crazy trying to find a stock .tar for my virgin mobile galaxy s3. I want to start fresh and get it back to the orignal stock firmware the phone comes with. The stock .tar's I have flashed so far are kinda wonky and the center button won't work on them. If there is a guide in the all things root section and I missed it completely :thinking::( could you guys point me in the right direction?

    Thanks for all the help in advance.

  2. hatredg0d

    hatredg0d Well-Known Member

    If you are on 4.4.2 there is no going back. Flashing an older stock tar will hard brick your phone.
  3. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Here is a link to the stock KitKat virgin mobile tar.
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  4. mluna91

    mluna91 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Madbat, thanks for the link. That is the tar that I have flashed but it just seems a little off to me I don't know why. Am I bugging out or is the home button not functional here?
  5. elgecko

    elgecko Android Enthusiast

    I believe that's the tar I have flashed before on my phone.
    Home button works fine for me. Was it working fine before?
  6. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Home button worked fine for me. Have you had any problems in the past with your home button? You could always use kies3 to go stock. Or get the firmware from sammobile.
  7. undogooder

    undogooder Lurker

    Hi to all! Sorry if this is answered somewhere but I am working a lot and have little time to track down the answer. I rooted my s3 4.3 mk5 and want to update to 4.4.2. I thought I read a while back that I would have to install a stock 4.3, then update to 4.4.2 & then put a rooted version on the phone. Is this the case(I think so) or can I install a rooted 4.4.2 and skip reverting? Thanks in advance!
  8. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Just Odin the 4.4.4 tar and done.
  9. peter counias

    peter counias Android Enthusiast

    Where can I find this 4.4.4 tar you are talking about ????
  10. alexizawesome

    alexizawesome Well-Known Member

    4.4.2 :)
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  11. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Oh yeah. Lol. That's what I meant. 4.4.2. First you need Odin on your computer. Then get the stock 4.4.2 virgin mobile tar here
  12. comps

    comps Android Enthusiast

    official, all the way even recovery?
  13. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Yes official from kies
  14. mogulmongler

    mogulmongler Newbie

    Can someone please point me in the right direction? :

    I had my VM S3 on liquidsmooth 4.4.4. I recently sold the phone to someone, and would like to return to stock. I'm not sure what to flash to get back to stock. I would really like to keep this on Liquidsmooth for the person who bought it, but I believe VM need to refresh the PRL when she adds the phone to her account. Am I missing something here?
  15. Madbat

    Madbat Android Expert

    Here ya go dude. virgin s3 stock rom

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