Aug 13, 2013
Hello all,

I'd like to present an interesting finding that I made by scourging the Internet for some dialer programming codes.

I am still trying, howerver, to do more research into possibly finding a way to edit APN from stock dialer on TouchWiz 4.3. I know that with the AOSP dialer, one can speak into the voice dialer and manually edit the APN in such a fashion.

However, with Samsung being the not-so-open-source Nazis that they are, I'm not even certain that it's possible to edit the APN in the same manner as one would be able to do on AOSP ROM.

Anyway, now to get to the intended content of this thread. I came across the dialer code that opens up some interesting settings. Let me warn you, however, that some of the settings in this menu could potentially yield unwanted results. I am NOT even claiming that I know what many of these menu choices do.

The main reason I am sharing this with you all is that I would like to see a resolution to the MMS and LTE issues with Sprint AOSP roms for our device. And, there seems to be quite a few interesting menu choices in the UI that look like they could be tweaked; especially with regard to CDMA bands and LTE bands, and other such related settings.

Perhaps, what is happening when one flashes a sprint ROM to our device is that there are some back-end settings being changed because it is, in fact, a sprint ROM. And, they need to be tweaked back to Virgin Mobile settings to agree with Virgin Mobile LTE / CDMA / other related settings.


If you wish to access the interface, simply input this number in your dialer: 3215987123580

NOTE: When accessing this interface, please, use the menu button to navigate back. Do not use the back button.

No hashtags or asterisks are needed. I will also note that my system is on TouchWiz 4.3 OTA update, my system does include KNOX.

I am not certain if this interface is accessible from AOSP roms.

**Standard Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to your phone as a result of you accessing this interface, or anything you do in this interface.**

Also, I apologize if this is already standard knowledge, and if I have contributed nothing to the community by posting this. But, it is my hope that we can finally come to a conclusion and resolution to the problems regarding Sprint AOSP roms on our device.
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