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[Virgin Mobile] Voicemail app?nyone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tavisc, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. tavisc

    tavisc Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have the VM voicemail apk? Any time I dial my number to check my voicemail, I get asked for my passcode. Problem is, I don't know it. I don't remember ever setting a voicemail code on this phone, and I never had a problem before.
    So, voicemail apk, please?

  2. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    If you restore a stock backup or flash anything stock based (JD's stock/Knox-free, Wicked Sensations, MOAR) then you can backup the app with Titanium. Go back to your current ROM after that and just restore the app, not the data.
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  3. papa b

    papa b Member


    Titanium has an "Extract from Nandroid backup..." function. It's toward the bottom of the Main Menu.
    It's an extremely useful tool that's easy to miss or forget.
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  4. Worked perfectly ... Now I have voicemail on omni ROM 4.42. Thank you so much.
  5. thompsonjdt

    thompsonjdt Newbie

    I'm trying to do the same as the OP and I am taking the suggestion of using Titanium but I'm having trouble finding it. Is there a specific name of the apk?
  6. Com.coremobility.app.vnotes
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  7. thompsonjdt

    thompsonjdt Newbie

    Thank you for your help!
  8. infotiger

    infotiger Newbie

    Can anyone upload the app?
    Thanks in advance.
  9. upconvert

    upconvert Well-Known Member

    Here is the one from the stock deodexed ROM from the stickies. It worked for me on cm11. Thanks to jdsingle76 for posting the ROMs in the first place!
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  10. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, i just installed this and hopefully it will get rid of the Sprint Text messages regarding Voice Mails.
  11. upconvert

    upconvert Well-Known Member

    It won't. You can try blacklisting that phone #, but that won't work on every ROM.
  12. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member

    Ha.. okay, does this apk at least make the Voice Mail notification work? or was this that silly voice mail to text premium program?
  13. upconvert

    upconvert Well-Known Member

    I wait til I get the stupid text message, then I click the vm app to actually check it. You get one month of voice to text, then you can either agree to ads, or uninstall/reinstall it.

    It's all less than ideal, but it works.
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  14. vsanch24

    vsanch24 Well-Known Member

    ah, okay, I thought it was the application which gave me the notification icon. I was just about to post asking how to use it as I had a voice mail today and still got the text message with no notification in the tray area of CM11 nightly 1-15-2014

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