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Virgin mobile vs metropcs?

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by Nuknfutz, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Nuknfutz

    Nuknfutz Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello all! could someone with virgin who had previously used metropcs please give me a quick comparison? how are the phones? Service? Plans? Fyi I'm in atlanta if that helps with a service comparison. Thanks in advance:)

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  2. AllenRulz

    AllenRulz Newbie

    I would REALLY like to know this too. Leaving my Verizon Contract and NEED to know if I should go to MetroPCS and get one of their 4G phones (Indulge or the new Esteem coming out) or go with Virgin Mobile. This is tough and I NEED answers bad lol.

  3. AllenRulz

    AllenRulz Newbie

    Well my choices are either the Motorola Triumph with Virgin Mobile or getting the not released yet LG Esteem 4G phone for MetroPCS.
  4. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    You don't want the Triumph. That phone has issues (check the specific forums for that phone, and read reviews. You'll change your mind.). The Optimus V is by far a superior phone due to it's fantastic stability. It's the best phone that Virgin Mobile offers right now. I'll even go as far as to say that the OpV is awesome enough to stand on it's own without root/roming. ;)
  5. jjbova

    jjbova Newbie

    I agree. I got the Optimus V and have very few complains about it. Coverage is not as good as Verizon (I switched from Verizon, I had the LG Ally), but over all it's not bad. I miss having the slide out key board.

    My biggest complaint about the Optimus V is that it doesn't have an LED on it. I miss being able to tell if I had a message waiting or something without having to unlock the screen. And the Camera doesn't have a flash, not that it's a big deal, but just something to know before getting it.... if that's what you are leaning twards. Over all I give a thumbs up for VM and the LG Optimus V
  6. AllenRulz

    AllenRulz Newbie

    Also sucks that the Opitmus V doesn't have Flash...

    I think I'm going to wait and get the Esteem for Metro..
  7. hyeagley

    hyeagley Lurker

    Yes but they have modded flash apk that you can download check it out over at xda I have 10.1 and it works well
  8. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    Flash is a waste of resources. I can't wait until it is gone from the web.
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  9. AllenRulz

    AllenRulz Newbie

    Why do you say that? I myself LOVE seeing full websites on a phone when I use a Browser.
  10. biggpat86

    biggpat86 Well-Known Member

    Metro and Virgin seem to be of comparable network quality in the DFW, Texas area where I happen to live. Virgin has the cheapest plans on the market with a decent amount of minutes (who TALKS on their phones nowadays anyway?!). Metro has been rolling out 3g in most areas, but Virgins network seems to be far more stable.
  11. bigvandal

    bigvandal Well-Known Member

    I love my triumph! first batch seemed to have had issues but I'm fine. Super fast, beautiful screen, and a $25 plan, works for me!
  12. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member

    No way is the OV superior to the MT I have had all 3 phone and the Triumph is with out a doubt the best phone on VM.

    lol its awesome enough to stand on its own until you run out of internal memory and have to delete apps because it's taking up too much space.
  13. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member

    I say if you live in an area that has 4g coverage go and you don't mind paying 50 or 60 a month go with Metro. If you don't live in a 4g area and don't use a lot of minutes and have no use for unlimited minutes go with Metro. The only thing that is really preventing me from getting a 4g phone from Metro is that I don't want to pay 60/month even for unlimited minutes which I manage to get by with only 300 btw. If I did have more money I probably would go with Metro being that I live in a very 4g friendly area :)
  14. lou61166

    lou61166 Android Enthusiast

    The Radios are,the MT in terms of specs are better,but for the reason most use a phone the V is better with GPS and phone signal,being better.
  15. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    The reviews on the VM site between the two phones state otherwise. :)

    Common sense dictates that if you put more apps on the phone than it can handle then it will run out of space. So, if you are running out of space on a perfectly good phone with stable running apps, then it's obviously operator headspace. ;)
  16. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member

    It's a perfectly good phone no doubt, but the 1gb of internal memory is very nice. I save nothing to the SD, and have 300+mb of space occupied.

    In terms of reviews, there are some positive and some negative, I am only judging from my experience. The only real downfall of the Triumph is that Google Navigation is slow to lock on, I have had good luck with mapquest. Right now I am using the miui port rom and google navigation locks on instantly.

    obviously the phone isn't perfect, but data works, only had 2 dropped calls and I am loving the big screen.
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  17. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member

    Google navigation sucks on the triumph, but mapquest and waze work just fine, and it's not like I am in any shortage of space ;)

    My experience is that the signal with the OV and the MT are the same roughly. You can't compare the bars because the MT only has 4 while the OV has 6. I bet if you take the MT and the OV in any given area they will both have around the same dbm strength
  18. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    MetroPCS plan prices work well for feature phones where unlimited text, web and calls for 40 USD. However, their smartphone plan starts at 40 USD (includes all taxes and fees). If The all you can get smartphone plan is 60 USD. MetroPCS does not have 3G yet in all areas. They have 2G 1xRTT data and 4G LTE data (there are

    If you get two or more lines then you get 5 USD off on each line on any plan. All prices include all taxes and fees.

    Virgin Mobile USA beyond talk plans are as:

    35 USD - includes 300 any time talk minutes, unlimited Text, unlimited
    MMS, unlimited 3G Data.

    45 USD - includes 1200 any time talk minutes, unlimited Text, unlimited
    MMS, unlimited 3G Data.

    55 USD - includes unlimited any time talk minutes, unlimited Text, unlimited MMS, unlimited 3G Data.

    All prices include all taxes and fees.

    The top 4G LTE plan rate for MetroPCS is 60 USD (includes all taxes and prices). The top 3G data plan for Virgin Mobile USA is 55 USD (includes all taxes ad fees). Virgin Mobile USA 3G is available everywhere there are Sprint towers. However, MetroPCS 4G LTE network is still in or near Metro areas.

    The top of the line Android Smartphone for Virgin Mobile USA is Motorola Triumph. The top end Android Smartphone for MetroPCS is LG Esteem 4G LTE. Triumph has Android 2.2 Froyo where as Esteem has Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Front Camera for Triumph is VGA front facing camera whereas Esteen has 1.3 MP front facing camera. Triumph has 4.1 inch sceeen whereas Esteem has 4.3 inch screen. Triumph has 1 GB internal memory whereas Esteem has 8 GB internal memory. Triumph has only CDMA connectivity whereas Esteem has LTE and CDMA connectivity. Triumph has 1400 mAh battery whereas Esteem has 1500 mAh battery. I read about Camera, GPS and signal issues for Triumph. Esteem is yet new and we will wait to see if it has any issues.

  19. wafflecow

    wafflecow Member

    hey ive been wondering the same thing

    does anybody know:


    assuming you are in or around a general metro area
  20. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    So after hearing that the SGS3 will be available at MetroPCS I kind of want it now. I mean I am happy with my HTC EVO V 4G and Virgin Mobile (Have had VM for like ever) but now with no stable CM ROM (There is only one CM ROM and it's CM 10 no CM 9 since the Dev lost his files...or so I think that is why) with MMS is quiet frustrating. It may be because I had a LG OV and that had CM and I like that WAAAAAY better then Sense. (God I am not liking Sense)

    But I kind of got off topic. So how is MetroPCS compared to Virgin Mobile, any better?

    And if I'm not mistaken I can get 4G/4GLTE with Metro where I live (07006) and I can't even get 4G from VM. Which is also kinda another reason why I want to switch.
  21. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Since my 3G is fast at my school I don't use my 4G sometimes. 1.50-1.00 is the average I see in my city, for metro Is 0.20-0.28....worst speeds ever how can people be on metro :/
  22. Kahroo

    Kahroo Android Expert

    Yeah I hear Metro has crap speeds. But the SGS3 makes me want to drop VM for Metro. Though IDK how fast Metro would be were I live.
  23. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    T-Mobile in talks to purchase MetroPCS.
  24. lEquin0xl

    lEquin0xl Android Enthusiast

    Just wondering, how is the Optimus V at all better then the EVO V? I see the EVO as Virgins top of the line phone.

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