Root [Virgin Mobile] [WIP] ODIN Complete Stock Firmware


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Okay here is a test run of the ODIN TAR ball I made last night.... For anybody who wants to try it...

First and foremost - I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong while flashing this to your phone.
I have not tested this!
There is not one thing that i can find that is different from the official samsung firmware that is made for flashing in ODIN. I used a few guides and ended up with a .tar.md5 flashable file.

This TAR Includes:

3 Sub Layer Bootloader Partitions
2 Unidentified Sub Layer Partitions

This is gonna be kind of a dangerous thing to flash until it is tested, it will be re-writing all of your most important infrastructure partitions....


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Dude this TAR is gonna be a lifesaver! We can now have a fail safe way to return to stock. You rock man! Much appreciated!!


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I may end up trying this tonight if all else fails with coming up with a different fix for a certain problem i encountered trying to flash my phone with sprints md4 firmware.

Edit: N/M i fixed it.


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I may end up trying this tonight if all else fails with coming up with a different fix for a certain problem i encountered trying to flash my phone with sprints md4. i believe i forgot to put your modem.bin file in place of theirs (thinking i already did) due to a nurse distracting me while inserting my iv today. and after flashing i got this error trying to mount my sd card via usb on my cpu "Hardware Id Missing :windows can not identify the device plugged in SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device" so check back later. you might have a guinea pig. hopefully it works because i have had no luck getting your other odin files to work with out getting write errors and having to place them in flashable zip files. such as the modem fix.

Edit: I will not hold you responsible if it breaks my phone, but I will ask that you and anyone that may have helpful tips help me to resolve whatever problems occur afterwords. :p

Appreciate the gusto and I will be happy to help to restore any kind of usable state if this indeed messes up your phone...
I'm addicted to so i'll be quite happy for a new project if things go awry. ;)


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I guess you did catch that before I fixed my usb storage. lol well I'm pretty gutsy hence my Sprint cm 10.1 flashed phone. I'm sure I'll mess it up bad enough to try your Odin firmware soon enough. I have a few backup phones I can use in the mean time. my problem was not the phone but the drivers on the computer. it took me a long while to hunt down the fix on other forums. I'm sure someone will have the same issue soon and I'll have to write up a guide for the fix. supposedly the Samsung drivers austrie posted in his root guide are glitchy drivers and only one specific version will not show the error message over time.


The main reason I tried to flash this is my modem is fubar'ed (no cell coverage, but the 4G data works). I've tried to flash the modem fixes, but no luck (pretty sure one of them is what caused the problem). I haven't dug into the file, but would it be possible to dig the modem software out of it and install it?