Root [Virgin Mobile] Wrong time/date on back-ups from PhilZ Custom Recovery


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My backups from PhilZ Recovery have the wrong time & date. Also, the time & date are off by about 2 hours & 45 minutes when I'm in recovery even after correcting for time zone.

Anyone else have this issue? I've looked on here and done searches elsewhere with no luck.


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This doesn't necessarily help your cause, but for the record my time and date have had no issues once I changed to the correct Greenwich offset in the GUI Preferences settings menu.

papa b

I had this problem too. It seems like some of us have it and those that don't have no idea what, why, etc.

After upgrading to jd's knox-free 4.3 ROM, I decided to flash the dkp kernel. I did nandroid backups immediately before and after flashing the kernel... only a few minutes between them.

As expected, the filename for the first nandroid used a date/time from 1970 however the second nandroid had a correct date and time for both filename and "modified".

Since then, I have flashed CM11, restored back to 4.3, etc. which means the kernel has changed but my time and date are always correct in recovery.

I haven't restored any pre-dkp backups yet but when I do I'll update here whether or not the correct time/date stayed...