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Virgin vs. Metro PCS

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by byulax22, May 29, 2011.

  1. byulax22

    byulax22 Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm ready to drop my Verizon service and take the plunge in to the world of prepaids. I've decided I'm going to get an LG Optimus Andriod phone, but I'm trying to decide between Virgin & Metro PCS as my carrier. Can anyone tell me if the data download speed will be faster with Virgin or Metro (assuming no 4G)? I'm confident the voice service will be similar (I'm in the Dallas area). Any help would be appreciated.


  2. mkbkr1

    mkbkr1 Android Enthusiast

    Metro PCS does not have 3g speeds. From everything I've seen on here, Metro gets around 44kbps where with VM I'm getting a steady 1.2-1.6mbps. If your looking 3g download speeds I would go with Virgin.
  3. biggpat86

    biggpat86 Well-Known Member

    I have both a Metro and a VM phone, and the lack of 3g data speeds is a big turn-off with Metro. The optimus M/V are very viable android options for damn near ANY pre-paid carrier in the nation. My virgin phone is pretty decently fast, be it web browsing, tweeting, etc. Metro phone is painstakingly slow.
  4. NichoBrooks

    NichoBrooks Lurker

    I have metro right now, and I wish I would have know virgin before!!! 3G speeds everywhere, vs not even a G with metro, I hate my huawei Ascend, is the biggest piece of crap I ever owned, super slow, so imagine this, a bad and slow service plus a bad and slow phone = many headaches!

    Soon I'll switch to Virgin mobile and will get the LG optiums V

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