Apps Virtual Device can't connect to the Internet


I am using the SDK for Android 2.0, and I successfully created the Emulator and created the Hello World app in the Google developer site. However, I have found that the virtual device is not able to access the Internet. The lock screen indicates that I have no service.

I have been reading through several forums, and have not been able to find any guidance to deal with this issue. I do not have any proxies, and the only firewall is Windows Firewall, blocking incoming traffic only (which can not be disabled). Any suggestions on where I need to go to get the network side of it working?


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Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but I have been dealing with some rl issues.

John, I did add an exception for the eclipse executable, I am not sure if that was the right one for the emulator, but it didn't have an effect. Tom, I rebuilt the AVD as suggested, and that does appear to have worked. Thanks.


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Did you ever get this resolved? I had a working 2.2 VM and now it won't get on the internet. Created a new one and that did not work. Created a 1.6 and that DOES get on the internet. Same PC, same running copy of AVD manager without shutting it down. Very strange.