Apr 2, 2011
phone rooted, ROM installed, patches install...life is good, sorta.

I keep losing wallpaper for various reasons.

first time im pretty sure launcher pro was the culprit. as soon as I installed that I lost my wall and when I went to get it back I was forces to use odd cropping dimensions. I uninstalled and everything got back to the way I wanted it.

second time my battery drained to the point of shutdown.

now I'm suspecting that widget locker is doing something to cause wall paper unload cause I lost my wall again this morning.

anyone else having these issues? any idea how I can keep it from happening without sacrificing widgets?
haven't had that issue at all, but than again Im not using launcher pro or widget locker.
the wallpaper you're using is it the HTC ones or ones you downloaded onto your SD Card?
I had a problem with my widgets being broken after a reboot and all I did was change skins to bring them back. Did you try switching skins to see if that works?
You could also try booting into recovery and reflashing the ROM with no wipes if you can't figure anything else out that might be causing the problem.
If I am right, you will not lose any of your data or apps but you might have to re-fix some of your original issues you had with the ROM (but hopefully not).