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Virus and app help

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I was on a website looking at music and a thing popped up saying a website I was recently on had a virus called tapsnake and said click here to remove it so I thought about doing it but I didnt and reset my phone and didnt go to any other website except google to see if factory resetting would get rid of it and some say yes so I went back to the site I was on that told me that I had ot amd ibe been to this site plenty of times before the message came up and I was looking at songs and it came back up so when it sid I clicked remove and downloaded it and when it was done I tried to use it but it forced closed and I tried it a few more times and it forced closed each time so I reset my phone again to remove the app and went to that site again and nothing came up this time so I want to know how do I tell if its really gone away ive been to the market to find an antivirus remover but I read the coments and most of them say that its a virus itself so I dont know which one is safe for my phone and which ones are real so ya I just want to know how I can tell if its gone for good and why I cant get certain game apps like angry birds and subway surfer please help thamk you


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