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Visual voicemail app locks Nexus 6p

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by George Gillespie, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. George Gillespie

    Thread Starter

    I have Cricket wireless. Downloaded the Visual Voicemail app. When listening to a voicemail, screen went dark and locked up the Nexus 6p. Had to do a hard reset to get phone back up. Tried again and got same result. Uninstalled the app. Is this an app issue with Android 6.0.1? I can live without the app although it had some useful features. Just looking to see if my issue is isolated.

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  2. noles

    noles Newbie

    I don't think any of the provider vvm apps work with the nexus 6p. Verizon's did not either. An easy solution is have the provider switch you into basic voicemail then use google voice for your visual voice mails. All you do is sign up for a Google voice number and forward your missed calls from your regular line to the Google voice line. The voice mails will show up as texts you can read.
  3. George Gillespie

    Thread Starter

    Good suggestion. I have a trouble log in with the developer of the app and will see what they say.
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  4. tech_head

    tech_head Member

    Use Google Voice for VVM.
    Use no answer forwarding to a GV number.

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