visual voicemail


As an iPhone user I am having a hard time not having visual voicemail on my phone.

I am not paying for it, if that is the best option then I am going back to an iphone.

I tried to set up google voice, but it doesn't seem to work with my google apps account. It has trouble signing in. Annoying.

What are my other options?


Visual Voice mail is a feature of the carrier not necessarily the device. Verizon charges AT&T doesn't. Did you sign up for Google voice? It's not automatically associated to your Google account.
I just switched to HTC Incredible 2 from iPhone and I have to say that Google Voice is way better than Apple's visual voice mail.

First, you can see a transcript of the voice mail right in your status box.

Second, you can also get an email when you have new voice mail.

My favorite feature is setting up Google Voice to be the default dialer for international calls. It makes calling Canada hassle free and you save a bunch of money.