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Visually impaired optimus v users here?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lpnalda, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi I'm wondering if there are any visually impaired users in this forum. What are peoples experience with talkback on theoptimus with email, web, etc.? I've tried eyes free shell but it seems to be mostly for keyboards. I've also tried ideal web browser but it won't let me navigate at all. Others have any ideas. I am using text enlarger, but it seems not to work with some apps.

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  2. dillon4126

    dillon4126 Newbie

    Why get a touch screen if your visually impaired? They arent exactly made for people who cant see.
  3. nightbreed813

    nightbreed813 Member

    That's not exactly helpful. He didn't say he was blind only visually impaired. Their are different levels of visual impairment, it could mean he only needs to wear glasses to see the screen.
    Really with this phone their are things you can do to make the screen easier to see but it would be better to go with something with a larger screen and a better resolution, but it depends on your visual impairment too. I suggest going to your local store and see if they have a model phone that you can use to try it out. They now have phones hitting the market for people with visual impairment that may help you, but they don't have a lot of features to them.
  4. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    I am indeed not totally blind. I do have some vision, and do have special glasses, but trying to use them with a phone screen takes a really steady hand and so I prefer setting fonts in the ui to large or having text readout. That said, I'm starting to look at all my options for virgin mobile as they have the best no contract plans for the buck, and android is really heading in good directions on the accessibility front. K9 mail with it's pinch zooming is an example of that, as is the browser. It's still not an iPhone with system wide zooming and VoiceOver, but it's much more open, and offers no contract options.
  5. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast

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  6. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

  7. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    Not fully true. Witness the amount of visually impaired *and* blind individuals using the iPhone without a keyboard.
  8. TVCCS

    TVCCS Android Enthusiast

  9. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    Dillon, I still stand by what I said about Blind folks using the iPhone, but now that I've been playing more with screenreaders for android, I'm finding truth in your post. It seems they do prefer at least a d-pad for navigation, of which there is none on the Optimus V. The reason I've started playing around with screenreaders is that I'm finding the fonts in the Calendar, Contacts, and apps like maps, facebook, twitter, places, etc to just be too small to be readable. As much as I'd hate to give up on the sleekness, and fast performance of the Optimus v, I'm thinking I may have to switch to the Intercept, the other android phone on Virgin Mobile. I'm leery a bit as it seems to get bashed for performance, but at least it works fine with the screenreaders, performance wise.
  10. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    By the way, I have found voice actions to be quite effective, but faltering if you don't have a good connection. I do find that the screenreader have good keyboard echo when using the virtual keyboard.
  11. kyleykoyote

    kyleykoyote Lurker


    my girlfriend has low vision, has worked at the lighthouse for the blind & visually impaired, and uses a screen magnifier for her computer.

    after much searching, and being unable to find a screen magnifier for android, i settled for this solution.

    1) rooted her optimus s (i did the same to mine. but mine is an optimus v)
    for the optimus s, i had installed the zvc update, so i used this guide to do it:
    [How-to] Guide to Rooting with software version LS670ZVC - Android Forums
    for the optimus v, i used this guide:
    [How-To] Root the LG Optimus V - Android Forums

    2) changed her default fonts to BOLD APHONT--a low vision font, available here for free
    APH Products: APHont A Font for Low Vision
    note: the default fonts for android are in the device folder
    and i replaced both
    with APHont bold, but i made sure to rename it as "DroidSans.ttf" and "DroidSans-Bold-ttf"
    *** i also kept a backup copy of those 2 fonts! ***

    3) rebooted

    3) changed the default font SIZE using "Font Size (for root users)"; published by i-p-tel GmbH, and available on the Android Market.

    4) rebooted again

    5) installed JORTE for calendar -- syncs w/ google calendar

    6) now the optimus s (and my v) work much better for low-vision users!


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  12. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    Why not try to be a little more sensitive to the subject, rather than coming off like a stoic ass?

    "Visually impaired" doesn't mean he/she can't see. Visually impaired could be a very slight case of MD, or Floaters... Peripheral vision loss, not complete blindness... thus "Visually Impaired" people may want to own a nifty device like this, instead of having to use something that's less technologically advanced just because some stoic ass told them it's "not exactly made for people who can't see."

    I didn't see that anywhere on the box.
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  13. elmerb

    elmerb Lurker


    Thanks for your tips... This definitely helps.

    Can you describe what you are using on your home screen? I am not sure what programs you are using for the items being show.

  14. jage9

    jage9 Lurker

    There's a growing number of visually impaired and totally blind Android users. I'm totally blind myself. Your comments on the touch screen are pretty accurate, but not because it would be impossible to do. As was said above, the touch screen on the iPhone is quite usable by the blind using VoiceOver. Unfortunately, Google has not allowed for that level of access to the touch screen on Android phones but there are alternatives. Phones with a d-pad and preferably a hardware keyboard work best with the screen reader such as Talkback, Spiel, and Mobile Accessibility, all available from market. Talkback and Spel are free while Mobile Accessibility has a 30-day demo and includes an accessible web browser, calendar, email app, etc.
    For developers, it's important to make sure that your app can be navigated using the d-pad, menu key, or something other than the touch screen and that your buttons and controls have text labels. Generally speaking, this will make your app usable with a screen reader. There's a page on Developing for Accessibility on the Android Developers site from Google.
    I don't have much experience with magnification options, but have heard the solutions available are shotty at best currently.
    Hope this helps, and happy to answer any further questions.
  15. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    Since I'm of the low vision need (just legally blind), and don't really need a screenreader, the Aphont route mentioned above would be a really big help. But I do have one setback, the rooting directions only seem to apply to PC's, and I use a mac. So, should I take the phone to a pc user and have them do it? I'm guessing I have to root this thing to use Aphont. Also, for some reason, I can't seem to log in to the forums to get the rooting files. I've tried logging out and back in and *still* can't get in there to download those files!
  16. lpnalda

    lpnalda Member
    Thread Starter

    BTW I do have Spiel installed, but haven't had much success making that work without a D pad or keyboard. I may try MA but for $100 that may be overkill. I've tried a blackberry with the 14pt BBsans, and had no problem seeing that. I hope the APHont would be similar to that. looking at the screen shots above it looks like it would be.
  17. viruxel

    viruxel Lurker

  18. cammykool

    cammykool Android Expert

    I myself am visually impaired. Blind from my left eye.. my right not too much better
  19. tcat007

    tcat007 Android Expert

    I used this method to root (no PC): http://androidforums.com/optimus-v-all-things-root/380801-guide-rooting-without-computer.html

    I'm not "that" impaired, but a 3.2" screen is not exactly meant for anyone without 20-20 vision. I bought a Galaxy Player 5.0 and my eyes are very happy I did!

  20. e5911

    e5911 Lurker

    my mom is looking for a solution to listen to world radio stations like BBC. I need a tablet I can increase the font size that would run flash so i can run the links off the web page and make them shortcuts on the home screen. Any suggestions?
  21. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    Welcome e5911!
    You might look around in the tablet forums,ask questions. You might get a better idea of what will work best for you that way.

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