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Vivo y81i How to root?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Joshua Tadena, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Joshua Tadena

    Joshua Tadena Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How to root my vivo y81i? Please help me.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    do you really want to root it? there are no custom roms, no recovery, and no Dev support. basically no developers=no fun.

    if you really must, I found these articles that claim it will root your phone:

    be careful though, they claim that you can root and install twrp recovery. but if you read the article they left space for when twrp gets ported over for your device. but so far there is no twrp recovery yet for your device.

    if you still plan on rooting, I'd be very careful with doing anything without a working recovery. if you do not know, a custom recovery like twrp, will allow you to make nandroid backups. nandroid backups are very important to root users. they are complete backups of your phone. if for some reason you did something you shouldn't have or flash an incorrect file, as long as you can get into recovery, you can just do a restore.... it will be like nothing happened.

    so if you plan on rooting mainly so that you can delete bloatware or to remove certain system apps, I would think about it really carefully. a lot of system apps are all connected to one another. if you delete one system app, you could cause another app to not work. this in turn could cause your phone to not work properly..... and without a custom recovery there is nothing you can do.

    if you ever plan on rooting, pick a device that has a Dev community. I always go to xda developers forum to see what devices has support.

    on last thing make sure that you read everything and be prepared before you take the plunge....... good luck
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  3. David Pasion

    David Pasion Lurker

    Hey, I own a Vivo y81i as well. Has there been any new TWRP releases for this model now? The one on this sites (https://www.stupdroid.com/2018/08/Vivo-Y81-root-twrp.html and https://www.howtoapps.info/how-to-root-vivo-y81/) you linked were for Vivo y81 (not for y81i). I've read somewhere that however similar a TWRP you found is to the TWRP you need is doesn't matter and won't work if they're not completely identical... (is that true?)

    I also have another problem that I'd like addressed with this phone (irrelevant to this thread but about the same phone, I thought I'd just include it here). I was planning on making an adoptable storage (using an SD card as internal storage). I've successfully followed this set of instructions: (https://highonandroid.com/android-h...rage-for-galaxy-s7-s7-edge-adoptable-storage/) but it still didn't work. (There is no built-in option to install an SD card as internal in vivo y81i so I resorted to the solution indicated in that last link). It just makes my 64 gb sd card unreadable after entering "sm partition disk:179,128 private" (but works again after I reformat it with a different device that recognizes it). I tried doing the same method again but now entering "sm partition disk:179,128 mixed 50" making only 50% of the sd card as internal and the other half remain external. All that happened was I lost half of my sd card memory and didn't gain any for my internal.

    I even tested the device after doing this by pasting a 20 gb file unto my internal storage just to check if it wasn't truly just 16 gb (with only 9.something gb usable by default). The file wasn't pasted entirely, proving that it didn't truly merge the internal and external storage...

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