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Support VLCremote help PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by swisstony123, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. swisstony123

    swisstony123 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jul 13, 2009
    Hi all I'm very sorry if this has been asked before but I did a seach of the whole site and could not find anything.. Anway here goes

    I've installed VLCremote and really need some basic advice on how to get it working I've read wiki's that have ended up with me installing an old version of VLC as they explained the setup in a completely different way to how my version was so I've now got VLC 0.8.6... Anyway after entering this port number and that I cannot seem to get it to work at all...I installed winVNC today and managed to do some portforwading to get that software to work with AndroidVNC so I now have a fixed I.P ...I'm not sure if any of this is relevent but I thought I'd mention it...anyway any REALLY SIMPLE to understand instructions would be hugely appreciated as I'm completely stuck and would love to use this VLCremote inside via wifi and outside the house via 3g. Many Thanks in advance



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