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Vlingo problem/question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Madmax56, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Madmax56

    Madmax56 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have installed Vlingo and am having trouble getting it to find contacts when trying to create a text message. It will put the text in the message just fine but the message just has the 'add recipient' button and I have to add the contact manually.

    If I create an email it will find the contact and either put in the email address of the contact or bring the contact up on a selection screen and I can choose the email address if there is more than one address for my contact.

    I noticed on the text message that when it creates the message if I immediately hit the 'back' button the contact comes up (like in the email selection) but will not allow me to select the mobile number and almost immediately saves the message as a draft to 'anonymous'

    I use handcent but I deleted this app thinking maybe this was the problem but I get the same result with just the stock messaging app.

    Anyone have this issue or have a suggestion?


    Update: If I use the 'In Car' feature I can text and it WILL find my contacts fine and gives me options if there are multiple contacts to choose from. Weird and frustrating

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  2. Eddie_Brock

    Eddie_Brock Well-Known Member

    When I do use Vlingo, I use it "InCar".
    To Text I usually say something to this affect: "Hey Vlingo"<response>"Text <spouse> Hi Honey, on my way home, be there in 10 minutes <pause> send"
    and it usually gets there no problem. For the contact for my wife, it's just her first name. Double check your contact list and make sure you are using last names if you have them, or try "Text Bob Mobile <msg>" if you have multiple listings for that person. I hope this helps.

    I don't use the program often. But its truly one of the best free apps. Plus, if you live where I do, where using handheld cells are illegal, it's a great option.
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  3. Madmax56

    Madmax56 Member
    Thread Starter

    In car seems to work fine so I will use that. Cheers

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