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Vlingo: Words to Action for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by afoualer, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. afoualer

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    Vlingo: Words to Action] Vlingo brings the accuracy and intelligence to turn your words into action. Simply tap the home screen widget and speak to send texts & emails, update Twitter, dial & much more. Vlingo even speaks incoming txts & emails while you drive.

    • Voice control for Android smartphones
    • Update: Vlingo InCar feature added!
    • Brilliantly accurate voice to text app allowing you to speak text messages, email, dial, tweet, and more
    • Speaks incoming text messages and emails, great while driving
    • Super Dialer searches businesses aggregating address, maps, navigation, phone number information and more
    • Can be integrated with any text input

    • The Vlingo app does a great job of using the intelligence and accuracy of the Android operating system to help you text and call without ever having to press anything on your phone
    • There is a simple little widget that goes on the home screen that you can tap in order to speak and send all of your emails and text messages
    • You can also update your Twitter account, dial and do a whole lot more with only using your voice
    • There is a Safe Reader function where the app will also read your emails and your text messages back to you so that you can go hands free
    • The voice to text app is extremely accurate and you will love that it allows you drive without ever having to look at your phone to communicate with other people
    • There is a super dialer feature that will allow you to search for businesses and get maps, phone number info, address, and even navigation on how to get there
    • You can also integrate this app with any text input that is on your phone
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