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VM Billing and Web Site Still Don't Work

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by smankins, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Once again VM failed to automatically deduct my plan charge of $25 and reset my minutes. My plan should pay on the 1st of the month. It is now the 2nd and I just got off the web site and my minutes have not reset and the money has not been taken from my balance. There is not even an option to PAY NOW like there was last month. The only option I see is to restart the plan and who knows if that will work.
    Last month I had to click on Pay Now (don't know where it is now) and my minutes still did not reset so I went back in the next day and hit restart plan. Something is seriously wrong with their system or what is their purpose for keeping it so screwed up?
    Does anyone else find the Pay Now option missing when they sign in? Does anyone actually have it working like it should - takes money out of your balance when it is supposed to?
    I guess I will have to call them tomorrow and see if they can help in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. duvallite

    duvallite Well-Known Member

    I just signed into the VM site, and I have the Pay Now button available, but of course, my month isn't up until 6-25, if that matters or not. I have been paying a few days early each month using the Pay Now button and then checking on my due date to see if everything was okay with web service, and so far that's worked. However, last month my minutes did not reset, and I had to click Restart Plan, and then after refreshing the screen, my minutes reset. I'd bet clicking the Restart Plan button would probably work for you in this case.
  3. melim

    melim Android Enthusiast

    The site would not let me pay *at all* yesterday; restart plan didn't work; topup didn't work; the pay now button was gone! I called CS and the very helpful, apologetic rep could not get my payment to go through, either. (I really feel bad for those reps having to try and help us with stuff they have no control over, like that damn website/payment "system", BTW.) I went back to the site and re-registered my PayPal acct, and it finally let me pay; somehow it was in their system as an invalid acct, but still showing on the site as my registered payment method. UGH. Every single month, I've had a problem, but it's always a *different* problem!
  4. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This morning when I got up I expected I would have to call VM to get my payment done and minutes reset. It turns out I received a text from VM at 2:33 AM saying "New Month At Midnight ... " and my payment had gone through and my minutes had reset!

    I don't get their timing or methods but now my plan resets on 7/2 instead of the 1st. I guess you just have to ignore it for a little over a day for it to work correctly?

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