May 5, 2011
My Reverb died today - it acts like it's going to boot up, and then I just get the Samsung logo on the screen after all the VM stuff goes by. I think it may have gotten wet. Anyway, if I can't get it dried out and working will VM replace it? It's rooted, of course. I've had root on it for at least 3 months though, so that has nothing to do with it's untimely death (or perhaps it's only a coma).

Anyway, what does VM do in a case like this? Does anyone know? TIA - sheureka
If you got it wet VM mobile won't do anything about it unless you bought insurance, in the case that there is no water damage you could try emergency firmware recovery via Samsung KIES. That should remove the root and possibly allow you to boot your phone.

Good Luck!
Yeah! Success! I did manage to boot into recovery and it seems fine now. Of course this is after I called and they're sending me another phone. I'll just send the new one back.