VM Triggering on Hospital Reminder Calls


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Here's a weird issue...

My doctor's office has an appointment computer that calls with appointment reminders. When one picks up, it plays a message and asks you to press a number if one can accept responsibility for the appointment. If you don't pick up, it's supposed to try again later.

Well....my Sprint/Hero voice mail is somehow picking up whenever these robocalls come in, even if I'm not around to pick up the call. It's triggering the hospital computer to leave a recorded version of the "...if you can accept responsibility for the appointment on such and such a date..." message. This behavior never happened with my old RAZR...with that phone, the computer would keep trying to call until someone physically picked up the call on the phone.

Any ideas what's going on here?

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My Dr's office does the same thing, and they've always left messages on the VM for as long as they've been calling. Maybe there's something that they changed on their end that signals to then it's a VM and to leave a message?


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that's correct. there's actually a setting in the dialer that determines how it "determines" whether it's reached a voice mail or a person. that setting can be different things depending on the actual dialer, and is usually determined on some sort of timing of the greeting of the person answering ie. if you say "hello" probably a person, if you say "hello, you've reached so and so and i'm not here but leave a message" then it's probably a voice mail. it could be voice mail related if you've a) changed messages or b) possibly changed from sprint voice mail to google or something, but it's not phone related at all.