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Vocabulary 101

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ColoradoIcculus, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. ColoradoIcculus

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    It would be very helpful (at least to me) if there were a place to break down the words you'll come across on every Android root forum. Not all of us are 1337 hakrz. Please let me know if I have any of these wrong (I guarantee some are), or additional words that should be included. I've scoured the net and haven't found something like this, so... here goes:

    Gold Card: From what I've gathered, it is an SD card that can be formatted and used to root phones?

    ROM: Read Only Memory. In this case a version of Android that can be flashed to a rooted phone. Versions exist to mimic other phones and updated operating systems (such as upgrading a MyTouch to Android v. 2.2). People did work hard to create these ROMs, so donate!

    Radio: The firmware that controls the antenna of your phone. Upgrading your radio can improve reception and 3G coverage.

    Root: The ability to, or process by which you gain, access to the otherwise inaccessible features of your phone's OS. Once a phone is 'rooted' you can install newer/modified OS's that can include otherwise disabled or restricted features. For instance: Making your phone a WiFi hub, Overclocking your processor, modifying extra system preferences, etc. It is now declared legal to root your phone, however it is usually a void of any warranty you might have.

    Jailbreak: see Root

    Nand/Nandroid: NotAndroid or NearAndroid? A Nand backup can be created of a ROM. All of your settings and programs will be saved if the ROM is reflashed and then the Nand restore procedure is done.

    Recovery Mode: A minimalist state of your phone that allows you to backup, wipe, and install new ROMs. To access Recovery mode you need to boot your phone while holding a sequence of buttons (on the MyTouch you must hold Home and Power until it starts up).

    Recovery Image: A recovery program that must be installed on your phone and will allow you to manage ROMs and Backups. Once installed, you can access the program by booting into Recovery Mode.

    ClockworkMOD: A popular Recovery Image

    ClockworkMOD ROM Manager: A program installed with many Cryoangen ROMs that allow you to backup, wipe, and install new ROMs without booting your phone into Recovery Mode. When most actions are implemented (backup, restore, install, etc.) the phone will automatically reset itself into recovery mode. Don't freak out, it is supposed to do so. Just be sure that you have upgraded to the latest recovery image before doing anything here. (I've made that mistake)

    Wipe: Erasing the operating system from your phone. In recovery mode this must be done before loading a new ROM. Typically the first selection in the list is the one to use, but it doesn't hurt to verify with video tutorials suck as theunlockr.com.

    Wipe data and Cache: Performs a full wipe. This almost always needs to be selected when installing a new ROM from the ClockworkMod ROM Manager. If it is not selected and a new ROM is loaded, it is VERY possible that your phone will not load past the startup screen.

    Apps2SD: Gives a user the ability to install their applications to their SD card. Theoretically this allows you to keep your applications through different ROM versions and allows more programs to be installed. I haven't personally tried this so I am not sure how well that works.

    Flash: Installing an Operating system from a ROM, typically from an SD card.

    Cupcake: Android 1.5. Some phones need to be downgraded to 1.5 in order to be rooted, such as the MyTouch.

    Donut: Android 1.6. Does not support WiFi tethering, DolphinBroswerHD, Multi-Touch, Bluetooth Tethering. Because of this, I decided to root and upgrade to 2.2.

    Eclair: Android 2.0/2.1.

    Froyo: Android 2.2

    LunaticRadio.com: An incredibly funny, R-Rated, podcast available for download for free through iTunes. Two guys outta NY that make a 3 hour show every week and should be listened by anyone with a sense of humor. (I'm not affiliated with the show, but I greatly support their show and any additional listeners they get is great!)

    Please let me know what I got wrong and what else should be added.

  2. Phateless

    Phateless Android Enthusiast

    Great idea! My gf is so sick of hearing about this, but now that she knows they're all named after desserts she's interested, lol.
  3. ColoradoIcculus

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    I don't have a wiki account to add/edit, but they don't have 'radio', 'gold card', and of course, 'LunaticRadio.com' ;)
  4. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I just provided those links so you don't have to completely re-invent the wheel.

    Also, I wouldn't exactly call LunaticRadio.com a basic android rooting term. ;)
  5. lancaster09

    lancaster09 Newbie

    What about wipe data and cache? Does that wipe your apps too?
  6. ColoradoIcculus

    Thread Starter

    I'll look into it and update the first post :eek:

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