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Vociemail Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Crush_Buds, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Crush_Buds

    Crush_Buds Member
    Thread Starter

    My friend just got a Droid today and he set up google voice incorrectly. He forgot to include the asterisk/star "*" on the initial setup. He then downloaded the google voice app and got the initial welcome message. I then left him a message to test the app, nothing happened, but he did get a original voicemail notification. One that I believe is under the verizon voicemail. We then proceded to fix the google voice account with a new number. However, the notification "tape" icon is now placed on the notification bar and it will not go away and it wants to place a call to the new voicemail number. I have aslo tried calling the default verizon voicemail number provided and the message asks for me to call dial the number you a trying to call.

    So my question is. How does he get rid of this icon? I also looked under the voicemail settings and the carrier option is still selected. I think that if he could deselect this option it would go away. But I don't remember how to.

    How can we resolve this?

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    I believe if he calls his own number from his DROID, it will automatically ask him for his password for his original Verizon voicemail account. He can then go in and clear that voicemail message which should clear the icon. Would that help?
  3. Crush_Buds

    Crush_Buds Member
    Thread Starter

    It just says "Hello, please state your name and google voice will try to call (his phone)." I think he may just have to call verizon.
  4. Crush_Buds

    Crush_Buds Member
    Thread Starter

    Called Verizon. Resolved.

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