Dec 15, 2009
Hi everyone this is my first, I suspect, of many posts on this forum.

I have an unlocked Hero using a Sim from Vodafone. So far all seems ok apart from one strange anomaly. When I'm in my office I have to use a Vodafone Gateway as there is no regular signal here. This works fine, however my phone thinks it's in deepest Russia and it's making me feel cold being constantly told that the temperature is -15 DegC and sunny.

Is this because Vodafone have a server hidden in the darkest depths of Russia and is there any way I can change this apart from manually telling it where I am each day?
Can't help you with your problem but I an also a Vodafone user and for a while there my phone kept telling me I was in abu dhabi. Did this when I was at home on wi-fi. Hasn't done it for a while mind you.
Mine works fine 99% of the time but then keeps on telling me Im in Lomita....wherever it is, its bl00dy hot ;-)

I'm on Orange.