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Vodafone Water Damage Scam

Discussion in 'Vodafone' started by Rocco3366, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Rocco3366

    Rocco3366 Newbie
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    Hello Forum :)
    To Contribute to the community, i am going to tell you my story with vodafone, and why to avoid them!

    As a background i have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which before couldn't get a signal.
    I took it to a vodafone shop, the staff just changed the SIM card and said that it worked, the only reason i could get a signal was because they had a signal booster in the shop.
    They told me that it would take about a hour to get my phone number/signal back.
    A hour past and no signal so i went back into the store and said it hasn't been able to get a signal.

    This time i saw a different member of staff, these said well we will have to be sent off for repair.
    No courtesy phone either.
    I sent it off for repair 2 WEEKS later i got a text saying my phone was ready to pick up, as they got my phone out they said "They couldn't repair as there was water damage in the usb socket" the phone still charged and i had been no where near water.

    We looked on the internet and found out the whole thing was a scam.
    So we rang up consumer advice, luckily the person at the other end also had the same problem with vodafone, don't know if same fault, after just 2 weeks with his phone.
    They sent it off for repair of cause the same water damage thing came out.
    So he told us to take it to carphone warehouse.

    Great props to The Carphone Warehouse for repairing my phone in less that a week and they also gave me a phone whilst mine was away!

    The moral of the story is, never use Vodafone UK again.
    Thank you for reading, rocco3366

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