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Voice Activated Dialing Over BT Workaround

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanDroid, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Oct 14, 2009

    Oct 14, 2009
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    Found this the hardway, it's not the best but it's better than nothing. If you happen to own a bluetooth headset that allows you to store a phone number and assign it to a speed dial function within the bluetooth device (BlueAnt Q1 tested works perfect), then you are one step closer to voice activated dialing!

    There are limits :eek: . My Q1 only stores 8 speed dials, and you have to say "Call Speed Dial #" and remember which speed dial you assigned for that number so chose wisely, perhaps create a cheat sheet until you've memorized each assignment. Next, the speed dial assignment must be done on the headset itself, not the Hero. The Hero's speed dial function does not work over bluetooth. Hopefully some day Google will figure out the stack issues, but I doubt it will be in 2.1. whatever.

    Next drawback is you need to have your speed dial # person call your phone, then follow the steps below to assign it. You have a maximum of 8. I know on the Hero slots 1 and 2 are filled and can't be changed, but you will be storing them to the headset, not the phone.

    Steps: (Assuming you have already paired up your Q1 headset to your phone)

    Download and install the latest firmware for the headset which as of this post is v8.19. You need to register at the site, at which point they will email you a password to login to access the download area. Then follow the steps below.

    To Set Up Speed Dials in the Q1 Headset:

    1.Wait until you receive a call from the number you want to store.

    2.When the call finishes, press and hold "Vol -" on the Q1 for 1 second.

    3.The Q1 will read out the number of the last incoming call and ask you which calling command you want to tag it to. Wait for the Q1 to finish listing the options, and then say the name of the speed dial command you want to tag this number to.

    If you change your mind, you can click the BlueAnt button to cancel.

    If you reset the Q1, any speed dial numbers stored in the headset will be deleted. I'm sure the slots can also be overwritten by a different number as well, this I have not tested. The added bonus with the Q1 is that it also has voice caller id and will read the phone number aloud when you receive a call, at which point you have the option of stating "Answer" or "Ignore" which is a really nice touch.

    So far the Q1 is working very well for me. It's very light weight, stay's put, and has incredible sound. It's a bit pricey, I scored mine from MobileCityOnline for $89.99 + Shipping which is a better price than the 'egg.

    Happy Speed Dialing! :D



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