Help Voice Activated Dialing with a Moto Bluetooth H710?


Nov 8, 2009
I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I can't get my Moment to voice dial with my H710 headset. It worked fine on my old phones. Does voice dialing not work with the Bluetooth headsets? Thanks!
voice dialing not work with the Bluetooth headsets

With the above statement, I hope this poster only meant the voice dialing does not work with BT headset as far as the Moment. Because I had the H710 BT and I used voice dialing with my BB Curve, never had a problem! But, if I am unable to do voice dialing using a BT with the Moment, then this may be the final straw for me to take the Moment back. :(
I am unable to dial with the H710 either, What I do is use the voice dial on the phone and then click the earpiece once. I usually can then hear the dialing and then the person answering. Initially, I had problems with the outgoing volume, but by fiddling with the earpiece, it seems to work okay now.
I too was disappointed to find out that my Motorola bluetooth device could not use voice dialing. I have to use the voice dial by Nuance on the Moment itself, then it switches automatically to my headset on the first ring. Still, though, a pain in the ass.