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Voice calls breaking up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by telefunken, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. telefunken

    telefunken Newbie
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    I'm listened to some voicemails I left calling from my Boost Hydro Icon.
    I was shocked, the audio is completely broken up, every other syllable dropped.
    I tried speakerphone, bluetooth headset and handset and they all sound the same.
    Basically people can't hear me but I can hear them.

    I read that the Smart Sonic Receiver is both the speaker and microphone, is this correct?
    If so I suspect it's not ready for primetime.

    I notice I only get one or two bars from my home. I've done the PRL update but still bad dropouts.
    Is my phone defective or does it sound like the signal?

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  2. Harlos

    Harlos Lurker

    Pressure on the screen causes distortion in every microphone use. Most likely the distortion your holding the phone with your ear and shoulder. Try using a hand instead, a headset was my solution. I use my phone for work.
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