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Apr 7, 2011

on my Atrix with Gingerbread I could hit a button and say a voice command like "Navigate to X" or "Call Y". I can't find that on my Nexus with Jelly Bean. Where did that function go?

Slide up to Google Now from the lockscreen (or slide up from the Home key) and speak from there. I believe you need to say "Google" before any voice search. Works just fine for me.
Nexus has lost this feature due to a loss in court over an Apple patent.

No "update" has been pushed because of the Apple patent. I believe Google was ready to push an update, if they needed to, but have delayed it because the sales ban was stayed while Samsung appeals.
For me, this and google Now just start a search for "Call John" but the phone does not call John...Johnsearsear
For me, this and google Now just start a search for "Call John" but the phone does not call John...Johnsearsear

I don't know why it isn't working for you. If I say only "Call [insert first name]", it brings up the people (or person) with that first name in my contacts and their phone numbers, with an icon to press on the side to call.

If I say "Call [insert first name] mobile" (or home, or business) it brings up the person and their number, with a timer counting down (about 5 seconds) before calling, so I can cancel if it misunderstood. When the counter completes, it calls the person.
Did you look in the settings at the bottom right of the Google Now screen, click on Voice and make sure English was selected and download offline speech recognition? Maybe that's an issue.
Finally, it works in English at least. I doubt that it recognizes GErman names though... Thank you!
No, unfortunately not. But as I found out, google Now isn't available in German yet :-(
Voice commands and voice dialing work fine for me with Google Now. "Call *name*" immediately calls the contact. It doesn't bring up anything that needs to be selected. Try specifying what number to call. "Call *name* at home/work/mobile/etc".
I remember I had something like it on GB but I can't find it on Play Store now...
Swipe up on the home button. When Google Now opens, tap on the menu and go to settings. Tap on Phone Search. Do you have every box in there ticked?


What happens when you open Google Now and say "Google"?

Not sure if I'm in the right place......When I do a voice command for s planner is there a way to have it automatically add an alert or notification with it?

Cheers, jeff