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Voice Mail Volume Level & Ring Issues?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by StillWaters43, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. StillWaters43

    StillWaters43 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else experienced these issues. The volume of my voicemail is so low I can barely hear it?. BTW the volume on calls is fine.

    Also, sometimes when my wife calls me she just hears the first ring and then silence until I pick up and answer?.

    Strange I'm not sure what to do here :(

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  2. MrJedi

    MrJedi Member

    Yeah I think there had to have been a software update - most likely on their end. I noticed this recently as well. I previously did not have any problems with the volume until about a week ago.

    The speaker on this phone is somewhat weak to begin with, but some apps do fine with it (never had issues with winamp) others are too quiet ( netflix is unusable outside even on the quietest of evenings). I am learning to just kind of deal with the issues this phone has. Thought about going the Nexus route for a little bit, but 16 GB of storage is just not enough. I just figure this is the best phone that meets my needs for the price.

    I'm not saying complaints aren't warranted, just that until I finally get tired of HTC stock and root/ROM I have just decided to grab my ankles and take it.
  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Trust me root your phone now, once it's done you'll be asking yourself why you waited so long. It's not as easy as the Triumph was to root but then again I don't think that any other phone is. It's a few more steps involved but still quite easy plus Android phones nowadays are damn near unbrickable. I actually found this phone to be somewhat easier than my Intercept was to root. Once you open that door you're going to have so many more options available that it's actually difficult to justify not rooting and romming the bad boy. Good luck and enjoy.
  4. MrJedi

    MrJedi Member

    Rooted and Rom'd my Moment and Optimus. Never looked at the instructions for the Triumph, but OV had the easiest instruction set I have read. That said, since the only stable rims I have seen are Sense based I don't see the point. I use many of the so-called bloatware apps. Rooting and roming are not going to fix other people's bad software or fix a lackluster piece of hardware such as a camera, or in this case the speaker.

    I'm not saying our current software is perfect. What I was originally trying to point out was a less than desirable speaker and bad piece of software that has no replacement other than GV which Sprint has decided to hamstring Virgin users by not allowing any sort of integration. I have learned through using many roms that they are not always the answer.

    Call me weird, but right now I just don't see the need for root. It could change, but right now I don't see the benefit for this particular phone. Part of that is as time goes on I just don't have as much interest in tinkering with my phone like I once did (or really do much that involves a computer for that matter).

    What I am trying to say, is I appreciate the sentiment, but I am (stubbornly) choosing to stick with stock. :p
  5. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Member

    I am having this issue as well....I can barely hear the voicemail....totally unacceptable!!! Is there a way to fix this without rooting the phone??

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