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voice navigate to address saved in contacts list in car mode?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beretta627, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. beretta627

    beretta627 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey, quick question. I would like to voice navigate to addresses that are saved in my contacts.

    Example: Contact named "Home" with my home address loaded into it.

    When I am in car mode, I try to to say "navigate to home," but it only google guesses the result instead of trying to reference my contacts list.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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  2. beretta627

    beretta627 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  3. OctoMom

    OctoMom Member

    Hmm, I'm not sure but I'd like to know as well.
  4. beretta627

    beretta627 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i guess a more overarching question is this:

    is there a list of all commands available to google navigation somewhere? I checked the google site and i couldn't find anything as far as an exhaustive list. Thanks.
  5. snosamie6

    snosamie6 Newbie

    I raised that same exact question earlier. This is high on my priorities. At least something similar. Either by using My Maps or if they develop some type of favorites that we can use Voice to navigate to, I think this would be a great addition!
  6. CatsTide

    CatsTide Android Expert

    go to contacts,touch the pic then touch the map....you can choose navigate from there

    menu>directions>select the end point...addy will be in the drop down>go>navigate
  7. snosamie6

    snosamie6 Newbie

    That works somewhat well, I have to get used to it. But it does seem to lead you into a circle of menus and I often cannot navigate to the point I had selected. I wish it were slightly more streamlined.

    But the key question we were raising was to do it using the Voice Search. I want to be able to say "Navigate to House" or "Navigate to Parents".
  8. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    I've been trying voice nav to contacts with variants like "navigate to contact [name]", but it would only do results in maps of an internet search for the "name".

    There's gotta be a way!
  9. scorrpio

    scorrpio Member

    This needs some serious work. I hit 'voice button, speak name of contact that includes an address, and it does list options to call that contact at top of page - but no option to 'navigate to address. Heck, I speak a name, and top 3 choices are to call guy's home, mobile and work number, but no actual option to OPEN the contact.

    Also, while actual navigation is 'arm length interface', searching for a place to go to is most assuredly not. Once it processes that voice command of yours, the displayed results are downright tiny.
  10. kmfdmk

    kmfdmk Member

    Yeah and they really need to work on the Favorites bit as well. I had to do a huge roundabout workaround just to get the favorites outta my TomTom into the Droid. PITA actually.
  11. kmfdmk

    kmfdmk Member

    To bring this back from the dead...

    Does anyone know if there have been any developments made in the STILL roundabout way you have to get to "Navigate to a Contact"

    Right now I have still have to make like 8 steps, which is about 5 too many
    for example:

    1. Go to Maps
    2. Hit Menu / Options Button
    3. Hit Directions Button
    4. Make sure Car (Driving Directions) is Selected
    5. Tap the End Point Button
    6. Tap the Contacts Option (1st on the list)
    7. Select the Contact I want to Navigate To
    8. Finally Click GO
    It should be as simple as
    1. Click Maps
    2. Hit Options
    3. Navigate to Contacts button
    4. Select Contact to Navigate to
    5. You're done, and it starts the calculations

    I have looked and looked for a SIMPLE APP, that simply pulls the address from the contact list, and lets you create a shortcut to "Navigate to Address" and you can have a shortcut / icon on the home screen.

    Or even to rapidly get to the selection screen in Step 7 above.
  12. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    It's not a real "fix" but I created a shortcut in Car Home for my house and other contacts that I frequently navigate to. It involves far fewer steps and there are plenty of spaces for shortcuts in the new Car Home.
  13. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    I have placed the blue Navigation icon in my car dock and use that. Select 'contacts' and it pulls up everyone in your contacts that has a saved address. Select the one you want and it immediately starts up, the nice lady starts barking directions right away.
  14. jsev

    jsev Lurker

    Those are all work-arounds though. The whole point of voice search is, well, to use your voice... If I'm driving, it'd be nice to be able to push just 1 button and say "Navigate to <someones name>".

    A google search shows this question seems to be asked an awful lot, one post (On Voice Search in Android "Navigate to <Contact Name>" - Google Mobile Help) even has an Android employee saying they'd take the suggestion to the team. That was a year ago and still the feature is missing. How hard can it be to look up your contacts?
  15. Ok... It was bugging me for a while, but I managed to find a decent workaround.

    make sure you're at the latest release of Maps.

    Go into the maps app and go to settings-> labs

    Enable bubble buttons.

    Now, from voice commands say the name of the contact you want to navigate to.

    Select the name off your contact from the list that pops up

    Select their address.

    Now when maps shows you their pin point, their will be a navigation arrow.

    Writing it out, it sound complicated, but in practice it's much easier than any other method i've found. Hope this helps some.
  16. Quantumroo

    Quantumroo Lurker

    @dareyoutolaugh. Awsome! ta:)

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