Android Expert
Nov 15, 2009
Central NJ
One thing I've observed while comparing the Moto X to the Nexus 5 is that voice recognition on the Moto X is much better. Under identical conditions I'm finding that the Moto X gets it right far more often, and even works well with lots of background noise, which causes the Nexus 5 to fail every time.

Anyone else notice that the Moto X is much better than whatever you're comparing it to?
It is great. I often send casual emails solely using the voice recognition, and this is the first device that does not miss any word.
I haven't yet been able to send a text using voice control exclusively. My command was "OK Google Now.. send text message to contact name on my way home from work" Never generated the message.

I WILL say, the voice commands are awesome though. I LOVE that they added voice-control PIN entry when using touchless commands.