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Voice Search missing on Milestone (Argentina)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by linuxwarrior, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. linuxwarrior

    linuxwarrior Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I received my new Milestone yesterday, and I have to say I am very impressed so far.
    I got it from Telecom Personal in Argentina. It is like the European GSM Milestone but operates in the 850/1900 UMTS frequencies.
    After the long wait and through reading about the droid/milestone I am surprised :eek: Voice search/dial are not available out of the box.
    At first I thought it was not available in Spanish (our native language) but after switching the phone to English it wasn't there either.

    Any thoughts on this ? Is there a way to install Voice Search ?
    I wouldn't mind if it work only in English as I can speak the language (sort of :)).

    Ironically I work for Verizon as a developer offshore and can't get a Droid because there are no operating CDMA networks in Buenos Aires. It is all GSM here.

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  2. t23augusto

    t23augusto Lurker

    so anything yet?? por favor mandame por PM si podes o sabes algo!!! ( please send me a PM message if you solve it.)
  3. frapo

    frapo Newbie

    I would like to know this too... if you have any news, please post it here or sned a PM.

    (I'm from Argentina too, you can write me in spanish)
  4. LEP

    LEP Newbie

    Yeah, Mine is disabled too. Hopefully with the update it will be fixed.
  5. nbensa

    nbensa Lurker

    Hello. I bought it yesterday and yes, it's disabled too.

    Also, I can't run software update on it. It never find the servers. Market on the other hand, works.
  6. lonesomefolly

    lonesomefolly Newbie

  7. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Android Enthusiast

    I would install a ROM from the European version since I think it has those features if I remember correctly. Any chance someone able to get their hands one might want to get it for me and send it to the US??
  8. ayshjeff

    ayshjeff Newbie

    Same to my case in Hong Kong. The voice searching is disabled for my Milestone. I hope Motorola will include this feature in later firmware upgrade in 2.0.1
  9. frapo

    frapo Newbie

    How do you do this ?

    And is there a way to go back to the "Argentinian ROM" in case something went wrong or doesn't work ?
  10. JPedro

    JPedro Newbie

  11. pispuso

    pispuso Newbie

    Guys, sorry im late in this topic. Im form Argentina too, and since i got the Milestone i was trying to get Voice Search to work. Some weeks ago i got it working pretty easily.
    I posted it on 3DGames Argentinian Forums first, ill post it here too, since i see you dont read that site.

    Google Search by Voice

    And also got Voice Dialer working.

    Voice Dialer

    Its really simple, just download the APKs and upload it to your phone to any folder, or create a new one. Navigate to that folder with any File Manager (I prefer ASTRO) and open the APK, then install it. Restart the phone.

    Now if you check the google search widget you will have the Mic to search by voice, also if you long press the search button on the milestone. And with Voice Dialer, you can of course call any number/contact and also run applications.

    But there is a catch... you must speak in english only. Voice search and Voice Dialer doesnt support Spanish Pronunciation yet, so if you are monolingual, this wont help you :p

    Hope you like it. Cheers :)
  12. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    I confirm that this one works perfectly. Given that the other one from pispuso is the same size, I assume that it is good to go as well.

    Pispuso, question for you: what does the Voice Dialer add over normal Voice Search? If I use Voice Search, it finds my contacts and puts them at the top of the list with a "dial xxx" option. Does Voice Dial add yet another bit of ease?
  13. pispuso

    pispuso Newbie

    Well, you can off course call by just saying "call john doe" for example, without even going from any other menu. You can launch apps, dial numbers by just saying them... like "Dial 911", redial, etc.

    Might be good if you are driving.

    Its just to make the Milestone more like the Droid i guess, because i dont usually use voice search or voice dialer, but maybe it will be helpful to someone.
  14. linuxwarrior

    linuxwarrior Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is great thanks a lot !! (millon de gracias :) )

    I was trying it for an hour now and it is not as great as I thought, or maybe my English isn't very good hehe, let's hope for Spanish voice recognition.

    The Voice Dialer also wasn't very good at guessing who I wanted to call ... again probably spanish names cause trouble when they expect English pronunciation.

    I found google searching for english terms or webpages works fine, but searching for directions wasn't as accurate.

    Anyway great app and thanks again!

  15. Is it possible for someone in the US to purchase a Moto Milestone via the Telecom personal website? Or is there a version of eBay in Argentina? I'd like to get my hands on on with 850/1900 3G.
  16. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    i don't think the 850/1900 milestone is out yet. This is often referred to as the "canadian" milestone and will be out when Telus(canadian wireless provider) decides to release it.
  17. I believe the Argentina version also has 850/1900 3G, which is the same as the US and Canada.
  18. juato4

    juato4 Newbie

    I was soed that install from the market!
  19. horacio

    horacio Lurker

    Finally I found the apps I was looking for !! I've spent like 2 weeks trying to find out how to voice dial a number . I've already downloaded these 2 files ,and installed them . However , I found a couple of things I dont't like . First , in order to use both apps my Main menu should be in English instead Spanish , which is in fact my first language . Second : voice search needs to have an active 3G connection ( or WiFi) , even though I just want to search music or any other info in my phone . Third : Voice dialing is always recognizing the name I say , but the call always fail . It never goes through . I really can't understand WHY this app is not available in the market , and at least with two or three options for language. Anyway , thank you so much for the information , and hope to keep sharing experiences with you all . Horacio
  20. smashingbroom

    smashingbroom Lurker

    Hey Guys,

    Need help... I followed the instructions as mentioned above but was not able to get the "Microphone" sign on my Moto Milestone nor the Voice Navigation worked.

    I am using the phone in India. Can anyone help me with the issue???

    Thanks in advance for your response....

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