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Voice search pop ups problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sagar21653, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. sagar21653

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    I have an Android Micromax A75 phone and it recently installed updates. Google updated instant search and voice search. First the instant search, I get out of that and Voice Search immediately pops up! They are driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! They just keep popping up. I am trying to do something, no even a search, and it will pop up, I have to click home and start over. I am on my computer and my phone is sitting here next to me, it has popped up on the phone screen 9 times already. I am having trouble making phone calls etc. There also seems to be no way to get this off my phone. I have (10th time) IE on my phone browser (11)(12) and have thought about (13) deleting google all together (14) but when I went in my settings, you CANNOT uninstall instant search, google or voice search! (15). You can see how annoying 15 times in this one paragraph. I even put my phone on lock and pattern lock and it STILL IS POPPING UP FOR NO REASON! Please Please Help me before it makes me smash my freaking phone!

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