Sep 9, 2010
My voice mail is not working at all. I hold 1 or dial my phone # I get the sound when you dial an invalid phone #, service provider # for voicemail is my own phone #, is there a different # for the service provider?
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After setting up my voicemail, everything seems to be working fine. Even the visual voicemail app works well.

This is strange.
Having Voicemail problems with my new EVO, too. When I try to set up Voicemail, it dials out to my own phone number and I just get a fast busy signal. Spent two hours on the phone with Virgin Mobile support and they still couldn't fix the problem, so it's been escalated. They seemed very confused.

I have a ticket number and tech support said they'll call me back. We'll see. I suppose I'll try again in a few days.
I am having this same problem too I'm getting a busy sound, I hit the close button when I went to the Visual Voicemail app. Does anyone have a step by step directions on how to set this up?
I setup my voicemail like any other normal phone.
Dialed 1 and it set me up with "my new sprint voicemail". It appears the ESN's are permanently linked to Sprint's Voicemails because everyone who has an EVO has a sprint voice mail. Or is supposed to anyways.

I set mine up the normal way and I don't have a problem so I'm sorry I can't help you guys :(

Tip: is a lot better then 90% of the phone support. I'd try there first guys. Put Evo V somewhere in the subject line and someone who is actually familiar with the Evos will respond.
I have had no luck with this phone since day one. To start with, it took two days to get the activation completed. The phone requires a battery pull to get it started back up from a complete power down, but that is a random event. I have not been able to setup voice mail at all. Get the same rapid phone signal signifying something is not right. I have been on the phone with level 1 and 2 customer service for several hours including one email. They have concluded that the issues may be with the phone and promised me a replacement early last week. I just got off the phone with them and they tell me that they are out of stock and get a replenishment every 7 days. So here I am waiting again. I will give them another few days and if not resolved will turn the phone back to them and discontinue service. This has to be the worst customer service experience I have ever had the displeasure of going through.

Just to be specific, Virgin Mobile Evo V 4G....Can you hear me now??
Same experience. 2 phone calls and an email. First call they "reset the voicemail" nothing changed, if I dial one I get "be-do-be-do-be-do", if people call me they get a busy signal after 5 rings. Second call the guy said the evo uses visual voicemail "reset my voicemail" and told me to use the app. Well guess what when you go into the visual voicemail app to personalize it dials 1! My last email I sent asked them to fix & test before contacting me back. Which they have not done. Next time I have an hour to waste I'll call them back. If someone has gotten voicemail to work please let us know what they did because they apparently are not sharing information at the help center.
Had to call HQ. They want me to call back tomorrow for an update. Supposedly they don't give out that number but I have it saved in my phone now bahahahahah
Voicemail is fixed! First level support reset the voicemail account again... which failed. This time I called from another phone so I could hold the VM phone up to let the agent hear the "be-do-be-do-be-do" themselves. Transfered to the next level support to "fully reset the voicemail" and I had to remove the battery and go into settings->system update->update profile. Once complete I was able to access voicemail. Visual Voicemail sure is a nice upgrade over the touch tone system!
When I go to my voice mail I get a recording saying to dial an area code and try your call again then it says message 8 switch 381. I've called customer service but after an hour or so of resetting things they still couldn't figure out whats wrong. I'm pretty frustrated. I can make calls, text, and do everything else but access my voicemail. I have searched forums but can't find anyone who has the same problem as me.
Well, I held off expressing my opinion, based on hardcore experience, of Virgin Mobile's Customer Service until I was reimbursed $300.00+ and validated a closed account.

As noted in my previous postings, I had issues with the HTC Evo V 4G phone from the start. 1st I could not setup voicemail and then the random shutdowns and startups making the phone useless. Approximately 10 hours total was spent with VM customer service. They initially were going to send me a replacement phone,which never arrived, than told me that I could not get a refund due to porting my number to another carrier. After going through several different customer service associates, I was told to send the phone in and that I would be refunded within 3-7 days of them receiving the phone. I sent the phone in certified signature required. Thank goodness I did that because they initially stated they did not receive the phone until I told them I received confirmation they have from the USPS. They then acknowledged they received it and stated it would take 7-10 days for me to receive my refund. I was also given another account number to refer to, if I were to have any additional issues. Well after all of this, I was not confident I would receive a refund, so I contacted my credit card company and submitted a dispute, which resulted in a refund of the total amount. Beware of doing business with VM, for if you were to have issues you will make the world wide customer service trip to India and offshore Caribbean in addition to being placed on hold 30-40 at at time (even hung up on me after going through two levels of customer service0. I am so happy that my nightmare is over and will never do business with VM again.

Could you please tell me how did you get your phone refunded. I bought two phones from Virgin Mobile and the experience has never been so bad with any carrier I've used.

I did try ask for a refund after having my phones replaced when multiple issues pops up and they couldn't fix it. Now I'm just tired of having to send the phone back and reset the new phones I received from them. :(

Great Thanks!