Help Voicemail no with missed call


Android Expert
I was sitting at my desk today and noticed I had a message of some sort because of the flashing light. My phone is set where I can see it go off at anytime for calls and such.. Anyway, I noticed that the message was a voicemail, and there is no missed call from anyone.

Now I know the most common reason for this is if you temporarily drop service as the person is calling you, but when that happens the voicemail still tells you the number it is from, this time it just said "You have one new message:" and it proceeded with the message with out saying the number or who it was from.

Anyone know what could cause that? I'm just curious why it didn't tell me the number before the message started.

Thanks for your help


Mine does it too occasionally. And it does not show the missed call. Just a voice mail. Mine also sits where I can see it when the call or text comes in. Never rings. Just direct to voice mail.


someone may have sent you a voicemail internally, through the voicemail system - i.e. they did not call your phone, but used the 'personal options' in THEIR voicemail, to send a message directly to another voicemail.