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VoIP to PSTN and vice-versa

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ChampaRando, May 8, 2019.

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    Hey (I don't think my last post was sent so re-posting).

    I have parents living in a foreign country to mine. What I want to achieve is basically a local phone number in my parent's country (that I will control).

    I was thinking of somehow setting up a local rooted Android phone or even a modem/gateway sort of device, anything really that can use a local SIM of the foreign country and make calls and kind of let me connect/conference those calls with me on the other end with VoIP.

    So essentially, I call a device I setup and connect to internet at the foreign country. That device has a SIM installed and it can call in that country easily through the PTSN network/any mobile. Then I first call that medium device and that device forwards my call using its own Sim/the PTSN network via the sim.

    How's this possible? Can I somehow merge my voice and send it down to the PTSN network through that middle device?

    Cuz doesn't a Bluetooth device do similar thing? Well a Bluetooth headphone can also send voice with its mic and receive data, but of course it uses BT connection with phone, I wanna change BT to Internet Service



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