Volcanic Ascent Beta released. Care to try it?


Background: I am a uni student and have been working on this game as a side project for the past 6 months or so. It is the first android application I made, and it was programmed by a team of me, myself, and I. It has long been a dream of mine to actually finish a game or application (I have many half-completed projects) so I am estatic to have actually released this one :).

Game/Controls: Use the touch screen to move the main character left or right. Double-tap anywhere on the screen to jump to that point (over all obsticles). Collect powerups (there are two different types in the current build, though I am working on adding a third) to help you get an even higher score. The goal is to get the highest score you can! Have fun!

Feedback: I am basically just looking for feedback/constructive criticism on the game itself (how are the controls, how fun is it, etc). Also please tell me about any bugs that you might encounter.

I also want input on the advertising. Is it intrusive or annoying, or is it fine? I am going to be releasing an ad-free paid version when my game is out of beta if that makes any difference.



EDIT: New version out, 0.2.0.
* NEW FEATURE: Shield is no longer on or off, it now has 5 levels.
* NEW FEATURE: Added taunts on death, however if you are good enough they become compliments. The question is; are you that good?
* Changed difficulty to better suit new shield powerup.
* Fixed issue with milestone system not displaying milestones on second playthrough
* Fixed issue with shield not scaling properly on lower resolution devices
* Added variable shield sizes to show the shield level.
* Fixed issue with score not being displayed correctly in some circumstances.
* Modified help/about screen