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Volume Button Controller: Excellent way to control all volumes at once.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by inlineskater7843, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. inlineskater7843

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    Droid User (2.1):

    -Volume button controller is a great way to control all the volumes on the device at once.
    when launched the app brings up a screen allowing the user to change each volume inside the app.
    -This app also has the ability to save and load volume profiles. There are three profiles, loud, normal, and quiet. In order to chage which each has for settings, the user simply has to click and drag each volume to the preferred setting, then save it. It is very simple.
    -This app also comes with a volume widget. The widget has a shortcut to mute the phone (with or without vibrate), open the application, or lock the current volume, making accidental presses on the button diregarded.
    -Since I have downloaded this app (2 months), the only problems I have experienced are with the widget. Occasionally it does not respond when pressed. A simple deletion and re-addition of the widget gets it working again. The developer also comes out with frequent updates.
    -This app deserves 4.5 stars. Excellent app.


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