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May 7, 2010
I'm really interested in this phone, I played with it at the store and was amazed. I don't mind the buttons on the back but my big question is when the phone is in your pocket on standby do the volume keys easily get pushed? I couldn't test this at the store because it had the demo video contentiously going.

So basically can the volume be turned up or down while in a black screen? On my LG L9 even if the phone is in my pocket I can reach in and adjust volume.
vikingjunior: I'm not sure I understand your question. Imagine you are playing an MP3, and the screen is off... if the phone is in your pocket, or in your hand or on the table face-down, you can press the volume up/down buttons and adjust the volume of the track playing.:smokingsomb:

if you want to avoid adjusting the volume, and you wear tight clothing, I'd strongly recommend a case. I use a TUDIA Ultra Slim, but there are other good ones out there. Then even if your clothing is tight-fitting, the chance for button activation is small. Another great upside, specifically of the TUDIA, there is a very small lip to the case that extends over the front surface of the screen, such that if you place your phone face down on some surface, the screen will not make contact with that surface.

I would be weary of putting this phone in a tight pocket. It is so large, that in a front or back pocket of tight clothing, you may crack the screen or otherwise mechanically stress it. ;)
For the nearly 2 weeks I've had my g2, I've never had any problems with the volume buttons being pushed while pocketed. Thats because the power button sticks out slightly further than the volume buttons. Even then I haven't had any problems with the power button being pushed while pocketed.
I was extremely iffy about this phone because of the buttons in the back as well but I got it and I have not one complaint about it. I have no issues with the buttons in back, if anything I like it more now that I have had it and kind of gotten used to where they are. you wont be disappointed it is a great phone all around.
I don't want another phone with side buttons. Thought I wouldn't like rear ones, horribly wrong. Just feels right, adjusting volume in pocket is so easy. I never get pocket presses, TPU or not. Any phone I pick up now I try to knock on, or press the back... lol
Couple things I've noticed. I have a very slim Poetic case on it so even though the buttons protrude a little bit, they're not easily depressed being in your pocket.
Other, more important thing, sometimes if you long press on the screen while it's asleep, it'll turn on. It's very sporadic and you gotta hit the screen in just the right place.
All in all, I don't think it's really any different than mistakenly hitting the side buttons on any other phone.