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Volume down causes dropped calls

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bionic2, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Bionic2

    Bionic2 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have noticed several times since day 1 that my phone will drop calls when pushing the volume down button. For some reason the call volume seems to go up on its own. When I make a call I will dial the number and when I notice the high volume I hit the volume down button. This almost always causes the phone to drop the call immediately. Anyone else experience this?

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  2. dodald

    dodald Newbie

    This happened to me yesterday, I hit the volume down a few times and dropped the call. I called the person back and they said they heared 'boops' and then the call ended.
  3. I just called voice mail and hit the volume down about 6 times. All it did was reduce the volume.

    I tried this on the desk and next to my ear.

    Same result.

    ... Thom
  4. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    I often hit the volume down and up when on a call and I've never once have dropped one.
  5. dodald

    dodald Newbie

    It's only happened to me once (and I also often adjust the volume during calls) I was just too strange a coincidence I hit the volume down and it immediately hung up.

    I wouldn't have posted anything if I hadn't seen this thread. I figured I'd add a 'me too' so that it if more people had seen it we'd start to see the pattern.

    -I'm running stock 5.5.893 for the record
  6. Beabout

    Beabout Lurker

    I have also experienced this problem. I have had the phone since launch and on occasion I have been speaking on the phone with my girlfriend who has US Cellular. I have turned down the phone before or turned it up and the call was lost. The first few times I figured it was her provider because it's US cellular, well after reading this I now know the culprit.
  7. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    Add two more bionics to the list. My wife and have the same problem with ours.
  8. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Cool. That makes it easy to hang up. Lol.
  9. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    All of the people exhibiting this problem - can you all report if:

    1. You're using a case (if so, make / model)
    2. You're using a screen protector
    3. You stock or rooted
    4. What software version your phone is on

  10. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    No case, no screen protector, running 5.7.893. It only happens when I hit the down volume rocker while the phone is against my face. If I pull it away from my face, let the screen wake up, then hit the volume down, I don't have a problem.

    My wife has the exact same problem and she is running stock. Don't know what the latest OTA was, but she did it about a month ago. She also has no case or screen protector.
  11. Bionic2

    Bionic2 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No case but I do have a screen protector. I have the latest ota and am not rooted. Happened to me again today. For some reason my volume seems to turn up on its own. It may be that I turn it up when listening to a message on google voice. I go to make a call, realize how loud it is and pull it away from my face and hit vol down. Usually the call drop and the ringer volume goes down to vibrate.
  12. Something to try ...

    I tried it with ... Settings | Display | In-Pocket detection ... unchecked and could not get it to fail.

    I tried it with ... Settings | Display | In-Pocket detection ... checked and could get it to fail.

    Try it unchecked and see if it fixes the problem you are having.

    ... Thom
  13. Bionic2

    Bionic2 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I verified that the in pocket detection is already turned off. I was thinking about this problem last night and I think it usually happens when I first make a call when it is ringing. It's not often that it happens after that.
  14. shanny871

    shanny871 Member

    I too just had this problem last night during a call. I did have the in pocket protection checked until just now, so I will report back with any issues. I have the latest OTA, a TPU case and a screen protector, and my Bionic is stock. I haven't had the nuts to root, basically because I'm sure I'd turn it into a paper weight.
  15. shanny871

    shanny871 Member

    Well it happened again with the in pocket protection off this time. It seems to not matter.
  16. hoon1

    hoon1 Lurker

    +1 more for dropped calls on volume-down.

    I have had the problem since I purchased the phone in October. I believe (and need to test more systematically) that it happens when I receive calls, not when I make them.
  17. Bionic2

    Bionic2 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got a new bionic from Verizon. Hasn't happened yet but it's only been a few days. Big difference is my old phone had an eBay screen protector which covered the entire screen. The new phone I got the Verizon screen protector which only covers the lit portion of the screen. Time will tell. New phone definitely didn't cure the data drops.

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