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Volume level warning unrooted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AuntDroid, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. AuntDroid

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    Has anyone with an unrooted gs4 found a better solution?
    I can't find a true fix for that obnoxious warning that forces me to pull over my car/bicycle, stop the treadmill or pull out my phone while in the ghetto just to make sure I know that "listening at higher levels can be dangerous" by unlocking the screen - clicking "ok" - hitting the volume down key once - then I'm able to turn up the volume with the vol^. I don't use headphones I use a portable speaker except while running (not biking). This "safety feature" is not safe at all. It is a hazard. My phone is not rooted.

    The only "fix" I've come across : after starting the music player immediately turn up the volume to make the stupid warning pop up so you can hit "ok" before you begin driving or walking in a shady part of town. It's not a true fix but if you can make it second nature to MAKE the warning pop up on the first song it cuts out a lot of the frustration later.

    I understand why the warning is in place but it seems like the equivalent of individually wrapping cigarettes in a pack. I don't smoke but it would be an almost completely useless hassle just like this volume warning.
    ....... Aaaand that's my 2

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