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Volume problem with apps..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vandyman, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. vandyman

    vandyman Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    For some reason I do not have any volume/sound when I run an app, such as music, videos, games. But I do have volume for the ringer and notifications.
    Any ideas?

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  2. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    Have you tried turning the volume up while in the app?
  3. vandyman

    vandyman Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    up, down . All the basics have been checked.
  4. vandyman

    vandyman Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Okay, I fixed the issue. I had to do a boot recovery.
    I think the there was an app that had made changes to my system files.
    And I believe it my have been Adobe Air that did it, but I am not 100% sure.
  5. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    That shouldn't be possible at all, unless you have root. Even then it can't get those permissions unless it asks through SuperUser.
  6. I had the exact same problem as you vandyman. Sound was fine on ringer and notifications, but no sound for apps etc. from the rear speaker. They were working fine through headphones though. I even did a factory reset and that did not fix it. It fixed itself overnight though.

    I thought it might have been water getting into the phone when I put on a wet apply screen protector since it happened at the same time, but it seems other people are having the same problems without the water.

    I hope its just a software issue!
  7. zman79

    zman79 Lurker

    Checkout Volume+ it helps with the weak volume levels on the GN
  8. vandyman

    vandyman Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    ^^^^^^ That will not work if you have no volume at all.

    I fixed the problem as I said before there were some apps not playing nice together.

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