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volume really low for music

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dorlow, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. dorlow

    dorlow Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So, I just changed jobs. Up until this job, I've always had my jobs provide me with cool phones. Well my new job doesn't and I'm not willing to spend $100 a month on a phone. But my last phone was an iPhone and I bought a lot of music on it. Well, with my new job and no phone, I bought a Tracfone ZTE Z665C phone. I put a 15 GB SD card in it and then converted all of my itunes music from .m4p to m4a unencryped files. Then copied them over. They play fine on my Android except the music is incredibly low volume. I tried playing it in my car today and I had to crank the volume of my stereo way up. And with the volume way up, the music is "lifeless." No highs or lows. Just all very boring midrange and a lot of distortion of having the radio cranked way up. I have the volume of the phone all the way high. I checked the setting in the phone where it has the volume for music and it's all the way up. I downloaded an app that's supposed to make the volume louder, but it didn't help. Any ideas why the volume would be so low? The volume seems fine when just listening from the phone. But through the car stereo, it's very low. (My old iPhone always sounded amazing in comparison.)

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  2. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    Mine seems ok and is good with ear buds or a good set of 'phones.
    If they ever get this cell a rooting method, there's great android s/w callrd Viper's Audio (check their site or XDA forum, not the vers from play store). It requires rooting and 'Busybox' installed.

    My Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet has it on it and it is great on improving volume plus a ton of tweaks for phone/tablet, earphones and bluetooth speakers.
  3. I hear ya. My former phone is an HTC EVO 3D and it really kicks the volume. I'm afraid the Valet just doesn't compare : ( In my case I own the HTC so I still use it to play music in the car. I use the Valet once in a while but I have to kick up the volume in the car quite a bit. Have you tweaked the equalizer? Are you using the stock mp3 player?
  4. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    Yeah, I use Google Play and a 'user' settings on the equalizer. And the settings I have do boost volume some. My real problem is that I can't always get to the equalizer settings. Don't know when an where they go!
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  5. Had a funny thing happen tonight. I was playing music in my car and the volume on my Valet was unusually low. I ended up lowering the volume and it actually got louder. Kicked it back up and it was louder yet. Hmmm.... Worth a try eh?
  6. mikieh101

    mikieh101 Lurker

    Thanks for that tid-bit, it helped a little bit. The volume on this phone does suck, but I guess you get what you pay for.

    I have the Sirius/XM app and the volume really sucks on that, I have yet to figure out how to set it.
  7. Lord_Vanski

    Lord_Vanski Lurker

    Dorlow, I believe that anytime you convert a music file, there would be some degradation during conversion and especially if it is from an M4P. Your best bet if you could download it as an M4a in its original format so that way there is no loss during conversions.

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