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vpn connection failure

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by androideng, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. androideng

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    I've rootedmy phone (HTC Desire HD) to android 2.3.5 and I've installed cyanogenMod7 from it's nightly build repository: "cm_ace_full-200.zip".
    my full cyanogen mod is: "CyanogenMod-7-09192011-NIGHTLY-DesireHD"
    It's so powerful ROM and almost every thing works Okay but I have a problem with it.

    my phone can't connect to vpn server!
    (I've tried several up-time VPN servers and those can connect through PC! but in my phone just says: "server hang up.The username or password you entered could be incorrect.Do you want to try again?")

    What can I do for connecting to VPN server?


  2. Badger48

    Badger48 Lurker

    Was there ever a solution to this? I tried using cyanogenmod 7 also on my Desire and cannot connect to VPN. When I use the latest MIUI ROM it works fine.

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